James Duggar: Is He REALLY Courting Lauren Caldwell?

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Ever since Joseph Duggar married Kendra Caldwell back in 2017, there have been rumors that Kendra's sister is involved with one of Joe's brothers.

This isn't terribly surprising, as the Duggar and Caldwell clans have been close for years, and Jim Bob is known to be a big fan of Kendra and Lauren's dad.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar Together

In fact, Pastor Paul Caldwell is something of a spiriual guru to Jim Bob, and it's been rumored that Joseph and Kendra's marriage was arranged by their fathers.

Given those circumstances and the fact that Joe and Kendra both have several younger siblings, it makes sense that the two families would eventually be united in a second marriage.

At first, it was reported that Kendra's sister, Lauren Caldwell, was courting Jason Duggar.

Now, however, she's reportedly involved with a different younger brother of Joe's.

Lauren Caldwell Image

And the situation serves as yet another reminder that there are just so, so many Duggar kids.

This time around, Kendra is rumored to be in a courtship with James Duggar.

In case you don't have your Duggar cheat sheet handy, James is 18, and in every other respect, he's just like all of the other Duggar men.

He's a fundamentalist Christian; he's interested in Jesus and Arkansas Razorbacks football; he plans to make his living flipping cars and real estate, etc. ...

James Duggar Image

Anyway, James and Lauren's interactions on a recent episode of Counting On had viewers speculating about a deeper connection.

James insists that he spends time with Lauren simply because they're part of the same "friend group," but after seeing the two of them touch hands while baking together, fans are convinced there's something kore going on.

“This is totally looking like a Duggar date!" one fan remarked on the family's Instagram page.

“Budding romance maybe? They are so cute,” another follower commented.

Kendra and Lauren Caldwell

As we stated earlier, this is not Lauren's first rumored Duggar romance.

Further confusing the issue is the fact that fans believe Kendra was in a courtship with Jedidiah Duggar before she began dating Joseph.

Yes, Jim Bob and Pastor Paul are very big on the idea of joining their two families together.

We suppose there's nothing wrong with that -- we just hope the kids have some say in all this.

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