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As has been made clear on Instagram, Jill Duggar is a big fan of Audrey Roloff.

As has now been made clear on Facebook, however, the same cannot be said for members of the nation to which Jill belongs.

Seriously, you guys, Counting On fans apparently despise the Roloffs.

Earlier this week, Jill used her popular social media platform to shill for her fellow reality stars, holding up copies of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s trademarked Marriage Journal, along with the couple’s memoir, A Love Letter Life.

She didn’t merely hold up these tomes, either.

Jill encouraged folks to use her code to earn 15% off both books by purchasing them online through her account/website.

This endorsement — it’s very, very safe to say — was not met with enthusiasm by many Facebook friends and followers.

A robust number of users reacted in disgust to Jill effectively working as a salesperson for Jeremy and Audrey, making it clear via the Comments section on the Facebook page 19 Scandals and Counting that they didn’t approve.

Not. One. Bit.

Were the Roloffs always nutty fundies or did Jeremy take a dive off the deep end when he married that girl? asked one reader in response to the photo above.

Photo via Instagram

Replied the person who runs this Facebook account:

The Roloffs have always had some shitty beliefs.

As you can see below, the insults and allegations grew rather severe and seemingly pretty absurd, with some folks accusing the Roloffs of racism, homophobia and bigotry.

That sounds like a bunch of malarkey in our experience covering the Little People, Big World stars and loved ones — but another constant theme in response to Jill’s post does ring a little more true:

Many observers really don’t think Audrey is qualified to be doling our marriage advice.

They became "marriage experts" about 2 years into their marriage. I think Audrey’s insufferable, wrote one critic, while another echoed this rude sentiment as follows:

The only thing Jeremy and Audrey are in love with are themselves. Can’t stand them.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff at Play

There was also this harsh critique from a Facebook follower:

I’ve been married 43 years to my husband and I’m telling you he has never made my decisions for me , we’ve never done any of the crap jeromy and Audrey puts out there.

And then this person put a humorous touch on the same idea:

I’ve been with my husband for almost 20 years, and have decided to write a book. It’s called Fart In Front of Your Man: A Guide to Getting Married After 10 Years of Dating.

I'm at 30 Weeks!

Audrey and Jill have always at least been social media friends.

After Audrey honored her husband with a touching anniversary tribute this September, Jill left a comment that read:

Congrats! Yes, definitely worth celebrating.

Jinger, meanwhile, wrote "Congrats! Super excited for you all!" after learning that Audrey was pregnant with baby number-two.

Audrey Roloff at 32 Weeks

Audrey is due is just over a month.

Let’s hope her children never Google their parents and read any of these comments, you know?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it’s perhaps worth remembering that remarks such as the ones above really can do long-lasting damage.