Farrah Abraham to Jenelle Evans: I'm Here for You, Girl!

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Farrah Abraham would like Jenelle Evans know that she's totally there for her.

Even though, well... she also recently blocked Jenelle on Instagram.

Just a small little detail, right?

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

Abraham, who was fired by MTV in 2018 due to her participation in the adult entertainment industry, spoke late this week to Hollywood Life about Evans -- who was just fired herself a few months ago by the same network.

Jenelle, of course, was shown the door from Teen Mom after then-husband David Eason shot and killed his family's dog and child protective services took away the couple's kids for several weeks.

Evans finally responded to Eason's violent madness by separating from him in October, a decision Farrah had encouraged her to make way back in the  spring.

"As a mother these are all signs to separate and get to a healthier and happier place, if it's not safe for her kids then make a change," Farrah said at the time, making some lucid comments for a change.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

Fast forward all these months later and Abraham is once again speaking out about Evans.

"I’m really happy for whatever choice the women take in bettering their family dynamics,” Farrah told Hollywood Life after being asked if she had been in contact with Jenelle post-split from David.

That's nice and all, but why did Farrah block Jenelle on social media?

"Because I am just not wanting to insert myself into someone’s relationship," Farrah replied confoundingly.

Farrah Strikes a Pose

Farrah didn't really elaborate as to how she was inserting herself into Jenelle's marriage or how blocking her would alleviate this problem, but added:

"That is not my place. I think to confide in a therapist or a third party outside of TV and those things.

"I think that is (much) more healthier for someone getting out of a relationship because I know intricacies of TV in her relationship and I just didn’t think I would be the best person to confide in or talk to about that.

"So I just kind of removed myself. I think that’s probably the best friend thing I could do there."

Jenelle Evans Eats

Abraham also took this opportunity to stand up for women everywhere.

"You know, if someone’s being abused, I just want to say all women need to be smart enough and just focus on themselves and their children," she told this same website. "If there is abuse, don’t let abuse occur or happen."

Impossible too argue with that point, wouldn't you say?

Farrah In Venice

Farrah later revealed that she plans talk to Evans at some point and that thinks highly of her amid everything she’s going through.

“I’m always proud of her. I’m actually proud of a lot of the women moving forward and making better choices," Abraham continued, concluding by explaining how she plans to helo Evans move past her abuse at the hands of Eason:

"I’ll actually send Jenelle some of my Kindle audio books for relationship stuff. I mean, she would love that around the holiday."

We have absolutely, positively, no doubt she will.

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