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Uh oh, it looks like there’s a mystery afoot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As if things weren’t bad enough between NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey, some "snake" recorded Cynthia ranting about NeNe. But who?

Nene Leakes Has Meltdown

NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey had a massive falling out. The former friends are no longer getting along.

Well, things went from bad to worse when an unidentified person recorded Cynthia Bailey without her knowledge.

The recording revealed that Cynthia had gone on a tear about her erstwhile friend, NeNe.

Whoever made the covert recording then played it for NeNe.

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Kenya Moore laid into the anonymous recorder, referring to that person as "a snake."

"That person needs to step up," she insisted. "Because you need to be a sly dog and a little snake in front of everybody."

That’s maybe too many animal metaphors in one sentence, right?

“Don’t bring it up unless you can really show the receipts," Kenya suggested.

Kandi Burruss in Pink

NeNe also spoke on the subject to Kandi Burruss.

"I don’t care what Cynthia has said,":NeNe said. "I’m just telling you that she has."

“Not only that, she spoke to someone else that we both know in common and talked about me like a dog," she complained. Again with the animals.

"And unfortunately for her," NeNe continued, "they recorded everything she said."

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NeNe also spoke to the camera, though she avoided furnishing too much detail.

"There is some sort of audio of Cynthia saying really horrible things about me," NeNe revealed.

However, she insisted that she would not expose the whistleblower who had made the covert recording and brought it to her.

NeNe has resolved to keep that person’s identity a secret.

Kandi Burruss is Expressive

Kandi did not seem terribly interested in hearing whatever nasty things that Cynthia had said.

"Oh, Lord  Okay child," Kandi said. "I’m not getting into that one."

"She has the receipts," she acknowledged later, speaking of how NeNe could prove that Cynthia had gone after her.

Kandi explained: "I just didn’t want to hear all the receipts."

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Kandi then went to speak on the matter to Cynthia.

"She knows that you’ve been dogging her out," Kandi warned.

She explained that NeNe knew "because apparently somebody that y’all have as a mutual friend recorded you in a conversation dogging her out."

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Cynthia decried the entire situation as nothing but "bulls–t."

"I don’t care what she has,” she declared.

“I’m quite sure that I have talked about NeNe in defense of all the things that she’s said about me," Cynthia afffirmed.

"And if somebody felt the need to record it," she said, "then so what."

Cynthia Bailey Caught In a Lie

"I don’t give a damn about the receipts," Cynthia continued. "I don’t care what she has recording, I don’t care what she got to say about me."

“The bottom line is, as long as I was kissing her ass and her friend, I was Michelle Obama," she characterized.

"The minute that I wasn’t," Cynthia complained, "I’m over here dirt on the floor."

Colorfully, she expressed: "So she can keep her recordings and stick it them up her ass. And I mean all the way up her ass."

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"Honestly, I can’t believe NeNe’s entertaining this,” Cynthia lamented.

She expressed: “It’s so low and dirty and low down to think that somebody would sit and record me."

In the mean time, though several people suspected Yovanna Momplaisir, she denied it, and Cynthia seemed to accept that.