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We already reported that NeNe Leakes was feuding intensely during filming. Now, we’re getting to see it all on screen.

During NYC Pride, NeNe and Cynthia Bailey came face-to-face for the first time in ages.

Cynthia Bailey in Shock

Plenty of Real Housewives make appearances at Pride. They ride on the Bravo float and enjoy a great party while they’re at it.

But this year, Cynthia Bailey had extra cause to attend the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

Her own child, Noelle Robinson, made the courageous choice to come out on television as genderfluid 

Despite that wonderful news, there was no shortage of drama when The Real Housewives of Atlanta attended NYC Pride.

Cynthia Bailey Caught In a Lie

Cynthia and Eva had not been face-to-face with NeNe Leakes since the previous season’s Reunion special was filmed.

At separate hotels, they prepared for the big day.

Marlo Hampton pleaded with NeNe to have a positive, forgiving approach to her day.

NeNe said that her spiritual advisor had said more or less the same thing.

NeNe Leakes Swagg Boutique

"God said to say hello," NeNe announced. "Honey, I am walkin’ in the hands of the Lord!"

But when Marlo said "forgive and forget," NeNe stopped her in her tracks.

"Forgive?" she asked Marlo. "Now, you know, you can forgive, but forgetting is gonna take a minute now."

"I’m almost gonna have to have amnesia to forget, now, honey," NeNe expressed. That’s a good line, we’ll give her that.

NeNe Leakes Attends Reunion
(Annette Brown/Bravo)

Speaking to the camera, NeNe explained her beef with Cynthia over how she’d done interviews about their falling out.

"It was hurtful!" NeNe lamented.

"Cynthia wants people to think she’s a really nice, sweet angel," she expressed.

"And then next time you turn around," NeNe characterized, "you take a gun out and shoot a bitch when she ain’t lookin’!"

NeNe Close-Up

NeNe may have resented Cynthia’s interviews, but she herself told a reporter that Cynthia was "weak."

At the other hotel, Eva made sure that Cynthia was aware of a clip of that interview.

"She’s just doing whatever she needs to do," NeNe said. "She looks really desperate."

That did not go over very well.

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

"Honey, her wig is desperate!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"I tried to tell her when we was friends, but she wouldn’t listen, chile," she expressed.

Cynthia then opined: "NeNe throws everyone under the bus! She is the bus!"

Oh gosh, can you imagine a bus with NeNe’s face, Thomas The Tank Engine style?

Eva Marcille Blasts Claims That She's Broke

"I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and she looks very dense and heavy," Eva said of NeNe to the camera. That’s not very kind.

"S–t on me once, shame on you," Eva opined. "S–t on me twice, call me a toilet. So, that said, beware, Bailey."

That said, we did not actually get to see the big confrontation, just the hype leading up to it.

The episode naturally left us on a cliffhanger when it came to these ladies.

Porsha Williams Complains About Nene Leakes

In the mean time, we also saw Porsha Williams continue to grapple with understandably hurt feelings after Dennis McKinley’s cheating confession.

At this point, she’s making it clear that she’s not willing to take him back — an attitude that she has since changed.

We then see Kenya Moore’s marriage to Marc Daly, much of which is long distance.

He has the audacity to complain about the contents of her fridge, and then straight-up ignores her question about whether he might move his restaurant.

The only good thing that we can say about Marc in that episode is that he referred to their daughter, Brooklyn, as "#1." That’s a good priority.