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Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are sharing some wildly steamy photos.

This should come as no surprise, since the pair first confirmed their relationship while sharing thirst traps.

In their latest batch of pics, Cody snaps a pic that shows off his abs … and Miley’s hand, which she’s jammed down the front of his pants.

Photo via Instagram

A lot of people, even fans, like to complain when celebrity couples put themselves and their intimacy on display.

Some are uncomfortable with sex in general. Others are maybe just envious.

This photo is just hot, in part because it’s real. It’s not part of a modeling shoot where two strangers pose like a couple. This is a real couple.

Anyone easily scandalized should relax, because this pic could e "worse" by their standards.

For example, Miley could have been the one not wearing a shirt.

Or she could have thrust her hand not just under his pants, but below his underwear.

Incidentally, both of those "worse" descriptions make up our recommendations for their next series of photos.

And yes, this was a series, as you can tell by this outtake that Cody shared on his Instagram Stories.

It’s hot, but obviously not as steamy as the one where Miley’s had has reached its destination.

The pics clearly were more than just mirror selfies, leading us to believe that Miley tried her hand at photography.

Our question is: were these just thirst traps of her hot boyfriend, or are they working on how his album should look?

Photo via Instagram

See, Miley was recently hospitalized with tonsilitis.

Upon her return home from the hospital, she was feeling much better — and she and Cody shared a black-and-white mirror selfie.

During her illness, Cody has revealed that he wrote a song for her.

Miley has resolved to all but bully him into releasing the song as a single, even threatening to leak it herself if he does not put it out there.

Under pressure from her, he has even released a sample — only lasting a few seconds — of the track inspired by Miley.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Thirst Trap Selfie

It’s now been a couple of weeks since Miley and Cody were spotted kissing.

Since then, they’ve made it abundantly clear that they’re a couple, with photos and cozy, tongue-touching videos.

Cody even confirmed the relationship in a recent interview, which is a great relief for those who don’t want to dance around who "appears" to be an item.

Before Cody, Miley was with Kaitlynn Carter.

And before Kaitlynn, Miley was of course married to Liam Hemsworth. The two had been together, on and off, for over a decade.

Photo via Instagram

Whether Miley just doesn’t like to be single or just keeps running into beautiful friends and taking them to pound town is anyone’s guess.

(Like Kaitlynn, Cody was Miley’s friend long before all of this)

While it’s great that Miley has been encouraging Cody in his music career, some conspiracy theorists have wondered about this couple.

The tin foil hat folks think that maybe Cody intentionally crossed paths with the newly single Miley.

Why? To get give his (already recognizable) name a boost to launch his music career to new heights.

That said, it seems more likely to us that Cody and Miley are just two unreasonably good-looking musicians who enjoy being hot together.