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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro did something unexpected on Friday morning:

He wore a suit.

The troubled Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star then went ahead and did something far more expected:

He pleaded not guilty in court.

Ronnie Just Chills

Ronnie was front and center in Los Angeles today, standing before a judge for his arraignment, during which time he entered his not guilty plea to the seven misdemeanors he’s facing from last month’s arrest.

Just to review, they are:

  • Domestic violence.
  • Child endangerment.
  • Brandishing a weapon.
  • Criminal threats.
  • False imprisonment.
  • Two counts of resisting arrest.

If convicted across the board, Ronnie could face years in prison.

Ronnie Looks Ponderous

Jen Harley was not present for the hearing.

This ordeal stems from Ronnie’s arrest in very early October, an ugly event that concluded with Ronnie being tased — yes, tased! — by the police after he refused to surrender.

And that incident followed Ortiz-Magro allegedly threatening Harley with a knife, prior to stealing the former couple’s daughter out of her arms and barrcading himself into a house.

According to Harley, Ronnie partly acted this way because he was high on cocaine at the time.

Ronnie, Child

Harley also has said she suffered injuries from this attack — and subsequent photos of her, snapped days after the altercation, did reveal a few bruises.

Moreover, there’s surveillance footage from a neighbor’s security camera that depicts Jen holding little Ariana and looking very panicked, running around and trying to hide.

It’s pretty damning if you’re Ronnie or a Ronnie supporter, we’ve gotta be honest.

As part of Friday’s hearing, the city attorney also requested a temporary protective order for Harley and the toddler… and a judge approved this request.

(A previous protective order was lifted just a week after the altercation, which is why you’ve seen many photos of Ronnie and Ariana on Instagram of late.)

Ronnie will return to court on November 12.

He hasn’t really spoken out yet on this arrest or the aftermath.

Hug for Harley

But Ronnie did check into rehab in January to deal with anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse, making it look like he had turned a huge corner in his life.

We were so very happy for him at the time.

However, multiple outlets reported over the summer that he had started boozing and then now Harley claims he’s also doing hard drugs.

Troubling stuff. Let’s hope he gets the help he so clearly needs.