Raiven Adams Shows Off 16 Week Baby Bump, Ultrasound!

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Last month, Bear Brown's pregnant lady love Raiven Adams resurfaced on social media to deliver an update on her pregnancy.

At the time, she offered details on her changing list of symptoms that are making this a less than easy time for her.

Now, Raiven is sharing a baby bump pic at 16 weeks, and Bear is showing off an ultrasound!

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

"Not too big yet," Raiven Adams begins her latest post.

She continues: "But I’m sure I’ll miss the little belly when you take up all the Space and I end up looking like a watermelon."

With a hashtag, she notes that she is now 16 weeks pregnant.

"My belly ring does not feel tight yet," Raiven adds. "I have a replacement already that’s used for pregnancy."

Raiven Adams baby bump at 16 weeks

"They say around 20 weeks to take it out or switch it," Raiven says alongside the photo of her growing baby bump.

"But as of now," she shares, "it feels fine not uncomfortable easily moved."

"And if the Pregnancy one doesn’t work out," Raiven says of the replacement piercing. "I’ll take it out all together depending on my body."

"No medical research shows it’s bad for pregnancy," she notes.

raiven adams 16 weeks pregnancy update

"Just watch your body and do what’s best for you," Raiven advises her followers.

She assures anyone reading: "I research everything I do that could possibly hurt the baby."

"I feel it’s safe," she announces.

"So as long as I have no irritation or pain," Raiven adds. "I’ll keep it in."

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown

She does caution followers: "This doesn’t apply if you recently had it pierced that has its own risks."

"Mine has been pierced for years," Raiven concludes.

One might ask why she went on that tangent about her navel piercing. Was it simply on her mind?

We suspect that she has been bombarded with unhelpful "advice" from followers and wanted to reassure them. That poor girl.

raiven adams bear brown share ultrasound

Bear Brown also gave his fans and followers an eyefull of their ultrasound.

"Hey everybody! Check it out!" Bear's proud caption begins.

He gushes: "So amazing so awesome!"

"Raiven’s and my baby, is at 15 weeks!" he concludes. "I can’t wait to hold this little one in my arms!"

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

Gabe Brown, also excited to become a father, commented under his brother's post.

"I'm so happy for y'all," Gabe begins.

"I know how much this means for anyone especially you two," he continues.

Gabe concludes: "No doubt in my mind y'all will be great parents"

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

As sweet as Gabe's comment of course is, it's clear that not all of the comments that Raiven and Bear have received have had the same tone.

Before they discovered that Raiven was pregnant, Bear and Raiven actually broke off their engagement.

Why? Because Raiven, unaccustomed to being a public figure, was bombarded with hate from nasty trolls.

Some were horny for Bear, or resented how Raiven had only recently reached the spotlight, or were just hateful.

Bear Brown Kisses Raiven Adams

Clearly, she continue to receives trolling, even some that is disguised as concern.

Concern trolls are famous for sending messages to pregnant celebrities and reality stars and trying to police their every move.

Rarely, it's okay -- no one should smoke while pregnant. Most of the time, it's controlling nonsense about what brand of cereals they eat.

We hope that Raiven's experiences with fans get easier. Certainly, her pregnancy is only going to get harder from here.

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