OOPS! Amy Roloff Reveals Secret About Future Granddaughter

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Note to Amy Roloff:

We all make mistakes.

We hope you aren't feeling too terribly about this one.

Bumpin with a Pumpkin

This is what we're referring to via the above statement:

In a now-deleted Facebook Live video, the Little People, Big World star came out and revealed that the child growing inside daughter-in-law Tori Roloff's womb will be a dwarf.

She will "have the same type of dwarfism as her dad Zachary and brother Jackson,” the couple’s 2-year-old son, Amy said in footage that  has since been taken down.

Because Amy quickly removed the remark after it was said, we can only presume this is information that Tori and Zach Roloff did not want to be made public at the moment.

Roloff Family Photograph

Back in July, Tori was asked by social media followers whether her second baby would have achondroplasia, the same condition that inflicts both his father-in-law and her husband.

Here is how she replied:

“So everyone keeps asking after seeing the ultrasound of baby girl if she is a little person or average height, and the answer is we don’t know, and we won’t know until she’s born.

[You] can find out through an amniotic draw if you’re having a dwarf or not, but Zach and I opted out of that just because we don’t care either way...

"We love her and we can’t wait to meet her."

Tori Roloff Loves Mickey

This may still be true.

It may be true that Tori and Zach (and therefore Amy) don't actually know whether this new child will be a dwarf and Amy is just speculating.

But it also may be true that the parents-to-be decided to find out after all, but understandably kept this information private... and Amy accidentally let it slip when asked about the topic on Facebook.

“She will be a little person,” Amy told fans in this video.

"And just to give you a quick synopsis, they have a 50/50 chance of having a little person like Zachary, or be an average size person."

Tori Roloff Maternity Photo

Concluded Amy in this post:

"I commend Tori, she’s a good mom. I also commend her because realizing when you’re not used to it, she’s going to be the different one in her own family, instead of maybe Jackson or something like that.

"I think she is going to be great. She is doing great. And I love how they are both parenting Jackson.

"I think they’re both doing wonderful in how they are doing that.”

Fancy and Excited Guests

Tori and Zach did choose to find out ahead of his birth that Jackson would be a dwarf.

Each has since commented on the only real challenge involved in that is keeping their son's self-esteem high because it will be a little harder for him to do some things that people of average height can do.

But Tori recently express another concern about Jackson.

Tori, Zach

“I think my biggest fear is him being treated younger than he is," she recently admitted, adding in a bit more detail:

"He is completely capable, and I never want him to think he can’t do something because I do it for him.”

This same quote, it sounds like, will soon apply to Tori's daughter.

She's due in just a couple weeks -- and we can't wait to meet her!

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