Raiven Adams Resurfaces to Deliver Bittersweet Pregnancy Update

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Earlier in October, Raiven Adams shared the hardest parts of being pregnant and then departed from Instagram after a flurry of harassment.

Since that departure, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has returned to social media. Now, it's Raiven's turn.

In addition to dipping her toes back into Instagram, Raiven has an update on her pregnancy.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

"Doing SO much better!" Riaven Adams writes.

She is, by our estimation, about fifteen weeks pregnant with Bear Brown's child.

"I had to take a small break," she says, explaining her absence.

Raiven notes that she stepped away from Instagram ":to focus on my mental health."

Raiven Adams IG story: doing so much better

Within that same Instagram Story, Raiven advises fans that "I might do that from time to time."

But while that message, shared to her Stories on Monday, October 28 was promising, she had more to say.

"Update," she writes. "Because you are all curious."

This is when she informs fans and followers of the symptoms that she is experiencing at this stage of the pregnancy.

Raiven Adams IG story late october pregnancy update

"Heartburn is going like crazy," Raiven laments.

But there is good news, she reveals: "No more morning sickness most of the time!"

"Still not sure on the gender," Raiven notes. "But everyone votes it's a boy."

Well, it's a little funny to hear people take votes on something that isn't up for a vote.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

Back in September, fans learned that Raiven and Bear were expecting their first child.

There was a twist, however.

The two of them had just broken up, after Raiven felt overwhelmed by the hate and trolling that she received from Bear's "fans."

Some were bigots who hated her for being pansexual. Others resented that she and Bear had kept their relationship quiet for six months.

Others felt "blindsided" by their engagement, as if they ahd a right to. And others were just plain thirsty fot Bear and hated anyone by his side.

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

Bear and Raiven immediately decided that they would be dedicated co-parents, even if they had ended their engagement.

Then, not too long later, the pair reconciled, discovering that they still had real feelings for each other.

What had driven them apart was Raiven being suddenly thrust into the spotlight, becoming a target for trolls.

It was those same trolls who temporarily drove her from Instagram for about half of October.

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown

Raiven is absolutely right to take a step back when she needs to in order to preserve her mental and emotional health.

Bear is, also. Bear was bombarded by envious conspiracy theorists claiming that Raiven was a fame skank, or was pregnant by another man. Absurd.

In the mean time, they know each other and they love each other. Jealous haters can't change that.

We're glad that Raiven's morning sickness has abated for the time being.

As for the heartburn, our best suggestions are to avoid acidic foods even if she loves them, and to avoid eating for hours before bedtime.

She may even want to look into a pillow that can keep her partially propped up during her pregnancy.

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