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Tori Roloff is nothing if not candid online.

The Little People, Big World star has amassed an enormous social media following (over one million fans!) largely because she is so open and honest when asked various questions by fans.

Tori Roloff Loves Mickey

Why Roloff struggling with her second pregnancy right now, for example?

Tori is happy to tell you.

Does she worry about her son Jackson? Because he has the same dwarfism gene as his dad, Zach Roloff?

Yes, Tori recently told a curious supporter on Instagram.

“I think my biggest fear is him being treated younger than he is," she explained, adding in a bit more detail:

"He is completely capable, and I never want him to think he can’t do something because I do it for him.”

Photo via Instagram

Both Zach and Tori talked a lot about Jackson’s condition, along with all that comes with it, shortly after he was born in May 2017.

The former, of course, can relate to his young son because he’s also a little person.

“I grew up with the name-calling,” the 27-year old tells People Magazine over two years ago, adding:

"I look at my childhood and being a boy on the farm, it was a little tough because boys are very alpha-doggy and follow the pack. "I was always chasing the back and way behind the pack. It was tough."

Pregnant and Gorgeous!

For the record:

Zach and Jackson have the genetic condition known as achondroplasia; men with such a condition grow to an average height of 4’4″ … with a normal lifespan.

Babies, meanwhile, may experience breathing problems and delays in muscle development.

Fancy and Excited Guests

Thus far, Jackson appears to be doing quite well. (And is ridiculously adorable, we should mention.)

In this latest Instagram Live session, a separate user asked, “What was the one thing you didn’t know about dwarfism before you married into a family with dwarfism?” to which Tori sweetly replied:

“I knew NOTHING about dwarfism before I met Zach. Zach was the first LP [little person] I’d ever met. He ya [sic] made it so ‘normal’ to me, though.”

The expecting mother added:

“I’ve never thought about him being different in the aspect of having a disability. Instead, he’s different to me because of his character.”

Bumpin with a Pumpkin

The couple found out about Jackson’s achondroplasia before she gave birth in 2017.

However, they are choosing NOT to discover whether Jackson’s sister, who is due in just a few weeks, will also be a dwarf.

“So everyone keeps asking after seeing the ultrasound of baby girl if she is a little person or average height, and the answer is we don’t know, and we won’t know until she’s born," Tori posted a few months ago, adding at the time:

"[You] can find out through an amniotic draw if you’re having a dwarf or not, but Zach and I opted out of that just because we don’t care either way.

"We also just don’t have a lot of risk involved with it. … We love her and we can’t wait to meet her.”

We wish Tori nothing but the best of luck moving forward.

We also can’t wait to meet her second child!