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While Miley Cyrus has been enjoying her new boy toy romance and snubbing Liam Hemsworth, her ex has taken notice.

Liam straight-up unfollowed her on Instagram.

According to a new report, Miley feels hurt that he was so willing to write her off like that.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Together

RadarOnline spoke to an inside source who says that Liam Hemsworth unfollowing Miley before she unfollowed him left her feeling despair.

"She thought somehow they would find their way back to each other," the insider reports.

The source continues: "and she was holding on to that."

"But then," the insider dramatically narrates, "Liam unfollowed her."

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in Black, White

"And that was his way of saying it’s really done," the source explains.

"Yeah," the insider characterizes. "Liam is not turning back."

According to the source, this has left Miley feeling "devastated.”

Yes, she unfollowed Liam, but the fact that he unfollowed her first really hurt.

Miles and Liam Pic
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“After all thats been happening with her," the insider says, "she had been distracting herself from it all."

"But now she is really feeling it," the source explains.

The insider opines: "It’s quite sad."

And while we’re sure that Miley wasn’t overjoyed by Liam’s unfollow, we have to wonder if he did so to "signal" much of anything.

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We can think of some reasons for which he may have decided that he doesn’t want to see Miley’s pics every time that he opens Instagram.

Look, plenty of fans enjoy looking at Cody Simpson’s genuinely excellent rack of abs, we’re not denying it.

We’re also not suggesting that no one enjoys seeing Miley plunge her hand down the front of his pants.

But while fans imagine that they’re Cody, Miley, or simply in a threesome with the pair, maybe it hits a little close to home with Liam, you know?

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Again, it makes sense that Miley would want to flaunt Cody’s thirst traps.

No one can fairly flaunt her for that.

But Liam and Miley’s marriage ended earlier this year, just months after their wedding, but after a solid decade of on-again, off again.

Maybe he’s feeling a little put out by pic after pic of the 22-year-old Miley’s now boning on the regular.

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This summer, Miley had a beautiful romance with her friend, Kaitlynn Carter.

What started off as a vacation between friends who were getting over their exes turned into a love story.

But like all love stories, their newfound relationship came to an end.

Suffice it to say that Miley has had a busy, complicated year.

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We’re not sure that the inside source is entirely correct about Miley’s feelings.

She seemed pretty thoroughly and vocally over Liam. In fact, she’d seemingly referred to him as "evil" once or twice, if always indirectly.

While we don’t doubt that she has conflicted feelings about their fond memories together, she seems pretty happy where she is.

If being unfollowed by Liam stung, it seems like it would hurt because it’s really an ex going the extra mile to avoid seeing you.

No one wants to feel like they can be forgotten by someone who was once the center of their universe.