Meghan King Edmonds Questioned by Police After Night of Drinking, Accused of Being Negligent Parent

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So much for any peace offering from Jim Edmonds to Meghan King Edmonds.

Just one week after the former centerfielder told the world that he still loves his estranged wife and is gonna stop stirring up controversey and making headlines...

Meghan King Edmonds with Her Peeps

... Jim stirred up more controversy and made more headlines.

An insider has confirmed to Us Weekly that Edmonds returned from an evening out on Wednesday, only to be confronted at her house first by an angry and concerned estranged husband.

And then by the police.

“Meghan came home from being out with friends and she had a couple glasses of wine," the tabloid reports, explaining:

"It was the first time Jim stayed at her house and put the kids to sleep since he filed for divorce, so she met up with friends. She didn’t drive.”

Meghan Edmonds and Jim Edmonds Together

As a quick reminder:

Jim filed to divorce Meghan back on October 25.

He did so after five years of marriage; after an admission this summer that he at least sent lewd text messages to another woman; and after  new rumors swirled online that he had been having an affair with the nanny.

In the days since, both Meghan and Jim have issued a number of statements, with the former admitting that the latter probably never banged the nanny.

But stating that she thinks Jim and this 22-year old woman did have an inappropriate relationship.

Jim and Meghan Edmonds Throwback

Fast forward to this week's latest developments in the saga.

Continues to aforementioned Us Weekly source, detailing what transpired on Wednesday night:

"[Meghan] was washing her face when she heard someone knock around 10:30 p.m.

"An officer was there with Jim and told her Jim said he was worried she couldn’t care for [their] kids."

Meghan King Edmonds and Husband

According to an onlooker, the officer asked Meghan if she felt “comfortable and capable of taking care” of daughter Aspen, 2, and 17-month-old twins Hayes and Hart, whom her husband had been caring for that evening.

“Of course, yes!” Meghan replied to the officer, per this report.

She allegedly added:

“In your personal opinion, do you think that I am in any way, incapable, of taking care of my three little baby children who are totally desperate for a parent?”

Meghan King Edmonds Selfie

The cop then left after not seeing anything wrong with Meghan or the situation in general.

“Right now, my opinion is that you are fit enough to take care of your children tonight and that’s all that I’m concerned with,” the officer supposedly said.

We have no idea how Us Weekly knows exactly what was said in this exchange.

But the articles goes on to state that Jim proceeded to accuse Meghan of sleeping with the man who dropped her off that night at their home.

Meghan King Edmonds, Family

“Meghan was appalled,” an insider tells Us, adding:

“She has never been anything short of a fantastic mother.”

Edmonds believes her estranged husband was trying to get back at her, the insider added, but ultimately realized he made a bad decision.

This also sounds like possible BS all around, relayed to the publication by Meghan herself as a way to make Jim look bad.

But that's just our opinion.

Meghan King Edmonds holds Aspen

Jim, however, actually to Us Weekly on Thursday that he did call the police, but only to assist, he claims:

”I did not call the police on my wife,” he said. “I called the police to protect the situation and make sure there were no further issues."

What a mess, right?

Meghan King Edmonds on the Couch

“To be clear, I don’t know if Jim slept with our babysitter or whether they were just being exceedingly inappropriate by hanging out socially without either of them telling me (and Jim expressly lying to me about it),” Meghan wrote in a blog entry October 29.

“I’ve gone back and forth with my thoughts for a couple days but as I write this, I don’t think he did. But I still don’t understand why he’d lie. And why would she lie?”

Jim and the nanny in question, meanwhile, both deny the sexual accusations.

“It’s dangerous, irresponsible and hurtful to all to allow a rumor to be spread to the world because of insecurities,” Jim said in an earlier statement.

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