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Now that Meghan Markle has had a chance to catch her breath in the months since baby Archie’s birth, fans want to know when Baby #2 is coming.

In a recent appearance, Harry and Meghan met with a group of ordinary Brits and their children.

There, Harry reportedly dropped some major hints that a second child is at the forefront of their thoughts. It’s time to get excited!

A Royal Family Photo

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s formal Instagram page announced that the pair were honoring the families of servicepeople.

"Yesterday, The Duke and Duchess surprised their neighbours in Windsor at a coffee morning for military families," the post begins.

This surprise meeting took place "in a community centre located in the heart of the Army housing estate."

November in particular is a time for the British Royal Family to celebrate and honor members of the military and their loved ones.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa

According to eyewitnesses from the event, new father Prince Harry seemed sympathetic to an active duty parent separated from a growing child.

""I can’t imagine what it’s like to miss so much," Harry reportedly confessed. "As they change so quickly."

He also addressed six-month-old Archie’s milestones, telling those gathered that his son is crawling.

Meghan reportedly also revealed to those gathered that Archie "just got two teeth."

The Duchess of Sussex

A woman with a consummately British name, Susie Stringfellow, shares that Harry couldn’t hide his curiosity about becoming a father of two.

"Harry was really quite interested in how things were with second children," Stringfellow shared. "As well because we both have older children."

"We were trying to encourage him to have a second baby," she added.

Let us hope that Harry and Meghan go at their own pace. Even so, that would certainly be exciting.

A Royal Creation

Part of the "job" of the British royal family is to attend formal occassions like this, more or less behaving as mascots for the country.

It provides an exciting experience for ordinary people, even if it can never make up for the absence of their partners and parents.

But Harry’s apparent interest in what it’s like to become a parent of two speaks to another royal duty.

There is definitely an expectaton that Harry and Meghan are not done popping out royal offspring.

It is objectively absurd that anyone’s job, on a planet of more than 7 billion, would be to have babies.

But Royal Babies serve as public entertainment — or at least a distraction — for millions of Brits.

Royal Weddings serve the same function, but can’t really be repeated in the same way that babies can.

Ostensibly, Harry and Meghan will produce heirs. Realistically, we all know that William’s children have that covered.

Walking Away... Together

One particularly good reason that the general public may need distractions in the near future is the looming horror of Brexit.

Brexit has not even happened yet but has already cost the nation several fortunes.

The people of the UK will face soaring medical prices, a lower standard of living, and greater difficulties in education and employment.

Some business-owners, even those who foolishly voted for this disaster in 2016, have admitted that the reality of Brexit will kill their livelihoods.

Meghan Markle in Purple

Of course, another royal birth would be months off at the earliest, which may be just as well.

See, the royal family is very controversial. They receive millions in public funding to cover their lives and protections.

While that’s not their fault, there are understandable resentments, particularly as people find that their lives are about to get worse.

Any major event in the WIndsor family is going to renew discourse about the royal family leeching off of regular working folks while doing nothing for them.

But then, doesn’t that describe most families with intergenerational wealth?