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Late this summer, Kourtney Kardashian flaunted her stretch marks on social media, turning heads and earning praise.

Kourt notices that her followers approved, and came up with a plan.

Now, she’s showing off her "tiger stripes" again, and this time, it’s for a very savvy purpose.

Photo via Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian posted this mouth-watering photo to Instagram.

Notably, she didn’t share it on her personal Instagram — but on her Poosh side account.

While it’s hard to make out in the photo, Kourt does actually have stretch marks.

The hot bikini pic was accompanied by a message.

Photo via Instagram

"Stretch marks: we’ve all got them," the caption begins.

The Poosh caption then asks: "Looking to minimize the appearance of yours?"

Naturally, Poosh being her lifestyle brand and all, the caption then directs followers to click a link to learn how.

Most models use their perfections to sell products, so it’s a bit of a change for Kourtney to use her "flaws."

Photo via Instagram

There are a number of modes of thinking about stretch marks.

The first is that they are unsightly, and though they can arise from a growth spurt, pregnancy, or exercise, are associated with unwanted weight gain.

People of this line of thinking want to do their best to prevent stretch marks from appearing in the first place.

When they do get stretch marks, they want to try whatever solutions — Poosh or otherwise — that will mask these marks.

Kourtney Kardashian Resting Bish Face

Another line of thinking, of course, is that Kourtney and anyone else shouldn’t want to hide these marks.

They are, after all, part of your body. Nobody picks their flesh prison.

Since there is nothing unhealthy about stretch marks, many feel that the stigma should end.

Along with that stigma, people should therefore lose the desire to hide them, as they’re just part of one’s skin.

Kourtney Kardashian

However, both of these diametrically opposed viewpoints kind of … miss the point.

Yes, of course there shouldn’t be any stigma about stretch marks. it’s just something that happens to human skin.

But that doesn’t mean that Kourtney, or people who take advice from Poosh, are doing anything wrong.

Some people embrace their marks while others want to minimize them. Everybody gets to control what they do to their own meatsuit.

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Kourtney is very clearly not shaming anyone who has stretch marks with this ad.

When last she shared her marks, she wrote: "I love my little stripes."

Also, the ad both affirms that everyone has them and then asks if the reader is looking for a change. That’s it.

If you’re not looking to change your looks, then the ad is not saying anything about you. That’s an improvement over a lot of beauty ads.

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Kourtney turned 40 this past April. Compared to some of her siblings, she’s getting into the "personal brand" business a little late.

Sure, she hada  brand, but she wasn’t profiting from it as aggressively as Kim or Kylie.

Kim’s array of products range from makeup to a mobile game, and have led her to have a net worth of a third of a billion dollars.

Kylie Cosmetics, of course, is worth a full billion. Kylie became a mother and a billionaire at a shockingly young age.

Now that Kourtney’s dipping her toes into the world, her fans hope that Poosh will do something similar for her. Only time will tell.