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Earlier this Autumn, The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans heard reports that Marc Daly had cheated on Kenya Moore.

Now, on screen, we see that months before the cheating rumors, Kenya was alarmed by how toxic their marriage had become.

Kenya Moore and Husband

In this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss had a difficult heart-to-heart.

According to Kenya, husband Marc Daly had "freaked out" after her baby bump began to show.

Their sex life had suffered as a result of his weird response.

Notably, a healthy sex life can continue well into most pregnancies, but clearly, Marc has some hangups that got in the way.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

At this point, Kandi expressed confusion to Kenya.

After all, the two had just — as far as she knew — gone on their anniversary trip.

But Kenya dropped a bombshell: she and baby Brooklyn had gone to Turks and Caicos without Marc.

Apparently, Marc didn’t want the nanny to come with them on the trip, but Kenya did — because without the nanny, they’d have no time together.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly and Daughter

When Kenya said that Marc was a doting father but less so as a husband, Kandi asked if she’s told him how she feels.

"I do try, Kandi. It’s not just that," Kenya confessed. "It’s just been hard because sometimes it just escalates into an argument."

"I feel like when you argue, there’s lines you don’t cross," she expressed.

When Kandi asked if Marc had crossed said lines, Kenya said: "Yeah."

Kenya Moore Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body on Birthday

"He’ll admit to that," Kenya told her. "We talked about those things. And he says, ‘Yeah, I admit I am a fighter. I like to fight.’"

That’s not a red flag, that’s an alarm bell. Don’t date someone like that. Certainly don’t marry them. Just leave. Let them be miserable on their own.

"But there are issues, underlying issues, in our marriage that we’re not dealing with," Kenya worried.

She added: "It’s like you’ll be fighting about the glass on the table, but that’s not really what you’re fighting about."

Kenya Moore, Glowing Selfie

"You’re fighting about something that happened last week," she explained, "and you just didn’t talk about it."

"I feel a lot of that is going on," Kenya expressed. 

"The communication is not where it should be with us," she admitted, "and then I just feel a lot of times stuck."

Kenya explained that she felt stuck "because I don’t want a conversation to elevate to a full-on argument and being yelled at or something."

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore, Wedding Kiss

Kenya explains: "because it’s like he doesn’t compromise."

"When he gets mad, it’s like an alter-ego that comes in from the depths of hell," Kenya later characterized.

Again, no marriage counseling, no consideration — just leave him. You don’t need violence for fights to be toxic. Love is not enough.

"We do love each other, but things get nasty sometimes, and I don’t want that," she expressed. 

Kenya Moore Baby Bump Photo

"And I don’t want it for Brooklyn," Kenya said through tears. "I’ve waited my whole life for her."

"I was that little girl that was never protected," she mourned. 

Kenya affirmed: "And I wanna protect her."

Of course she does. The emotional and mental health of your child is more important than any marriage.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

Kenya later opened up to the camera about how Marc had deceived her about his volatile nature.

Early on, Kenya said, he had been "more careful with the way he voiced his opinion, even when he was upset.

"But now, it’s no holds barred," she characterized. 

"How does he speak to you and what is his tone like?" A producer asked her.

Kenya understandably replied: "I cannot say that. I cannot revisit that."