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In the very near future, Joe Giudice probably won’t be an immediate member of his own family, not after he and Teresa file for their inevitable divorce.

But the polarizing ex-reality star just joined a very different, much larger family:

He’s now a member of Instagram.

Joe Giudice on Instagram

The 47-year-old — who was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody on October 11 and flew to Italy while he awaits a verdict on his deportation appeal — joined the social media platform last Thursday, sharing a snapshot at the time of himself from his Bravo interview with Teresa and host Andy Cohen.

Fast forward to November 3 and Joe posted another new and interesting photo to his account.

As you can see above, Joe is hanging out with Teresa’s father, Giacinto Gorga, who resides with his daughter in New Jersey.

“Always a full table,” he captioned the picture, which was taken in Sala Consilina.

Joseph Giudice

Joe is clearly taking a lot of pride in his appearance these days.

As previously detailed, he lost a considerable amount of weight while behind bars, which is bound to happen when one is stuck eating only prison food and working out all the time.

But while Joe may be in great condition at the moment, the same cannot be said of his marriage.

Most fans are simply counting down the days at this point for Joe and Teresa to make their divorce announcement.

Joe Giudice Selfie

The estranged husband and wife chatted via satellite with Cohen last Sunday night, detailing their relationship’s past, present and murky future.

"My mistake was I never became a citizen. That was stupid of me," Joe said at one point, taking some responsibility for the mess he’s now in legally.

We also learned in this special that Joe and Teresa haven’t seen each other in three years and eight months.

Wow, right? That’s crazy.

Joe Giudice Lost Weight

When Cohen later asked Joe if he thought Teresa was faithful to him while he was behind bars, the former replied:

“I don’t think she was.”

And when the photos of Teresa and and a younger man from late last year were mentioned, Joe seemed surprised, saying:

“I didn’t know you were on a beach with him," to which Teresa replied: “I told you that," insisting he was only a friend.

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

Teresa, meanwhile, is set to fly to Italy in a few days with the couple’s four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 13, and Audriana, 10.

In this same interview, she confessed that she wasn’t sure things will be between them when she sees him for the first time since he was in jail.

“We’re both two different people now,” Teresa said in the interview. “I’m not the same Teresa I was and he’s not the same Joe. I do love him as a person. I don’t know how I’m going to feel when I see him.”

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