Grey's Anatomy Recap: Who Died?

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Grey's Anatomy viewers were greeted with a shock death on Thursday night's installment. 

Yes, the series has tried to distance itself from shock deaths over the last few years, but death came knocking, and it made for a harrowing hour. 

We'll start with Maggie because that big death was tied to her storyline. 

Maggie Helps

Maggie was gobsmacked to learn that Catherine was not in the loop about her break-up with Jackson, which is weird because Jackson had already moved on with some firefighter from Station 19. 

Before Maggie could process this, she was similarly stunned by the arrival of her cousin Sabi (played by Kelly McCreary's sister, Crystal) and her father, Chris. 

What was so surprising for Maggie was that Sabi looked exactly like her. Determined to find out how that was possible, Maggie took them to Pac-North because somehow they were not in the know about him being fired. 

Chris wasted no time in telling Maggie that Richard was ashamed of them. 

Chris Weber on Grey's Anatomy

That was a kind of half-hearted way of explaining why we haven't seen Sabi before, but it worked. When a show is this age, you have to suspend disbelief for some plots. 

When they arrived at the hospital, it emerged that Sabi had a large tumor. Even worse was that the scan Sabi had was three-weeks old, meaning it had probably grown since. 

"This kind of tumor is operable,” Maggie explained, but that didn't stop the surgeon. She swiftly ordered new imaging, while Sabi wanted to know all about her identical cousin. 

In a hilarious scene, Sabi hated Jackson based off what Maggie was saying about him. 

Maggie Saves Bailey on Grey's Anatomy

Just when it seemed like this family could finally put the past behind them, we learned that the tumor had grown a lot since the last scan. 

Maggie, who has already proven on about a million occasions to be one of the top surgeons around said that she wanted to operate on Sabi, but that didn't go down well with Chris. 

Unsurprisingly, Richard felt the same, saying that if something went wrong in the O.R., then Maggie would "always be the love child that killed your favorite niece.”

Maggie went to fill Amelia and Meredith in on everything, but she received a page that Sabi was crashing. Richard decided that Maggie was the best person to operate at that point. 

Catherine Fox - Grey's Anatomy

“Don’t put your daughter’s life in someone else’s hands,” he told Chris, who agreed to let Maggie help out. 

Chris complained to his brother that “the last time you tried to calm my nerves in a waiting room, Mom died.” 

"I was 10 years old," Richard shot back. 

Catherine showed up at the hospital, and it was clear she was only there to check in with Sabi. You see, Catherine was still mad at Richard for what happened with Gemma. 

Catherine then tried to hire Gemma, offering her a job with better pay, ultimately telling her that there were no jobs in Seattle. 

Is Webber Drinking?


Back in the O.R., things took a turn for the worse because the staff worked differently from Maggie. The surgeon tried to take control, but it quickly emerged that she was brain dead. 

Elsewhere on this wild installment:

- Amelia (finally!) told Owen that she was pregnant. He wondered why she didn't want to have kids when they were together. They had an awkward conversation that concluded with him saying that he "liked being a family." Okay then. Another love triangle is brewing. 

- Owen tried to talk a patient out of having an abortion because he was concerned that she would change her mind down the line. 

- Alex wants Maggie to join Pac-North because he knew she had a lot to give, but Maggie did not see the value in working at that hospital. 

Alex Lays Down the Law

So, there we have it. Sabi's death was a real shocker because now Maggie is going to feel terrible about it. 

What did YOU think of all the latest twists and turns?

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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