Colt Johnson: New Girlfriend Asks 90 Day Fiance Fans to Stop Bullying Him

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Late last month, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Colt Johnson's new girlfriend was revealed.

She's young, she's hot, and like Coltee's ex, she's Brazilian.

Now, we know her name, and she has opened up about how she really feels about dating Coltee.

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline

We previously reported on Colt's alleged new lady love after he clued followers in on her existence a couple of weeks ago.

At the time, someone reported that she was a friend-of-a-friend, which gave the allege source the inside scoop.

That person claimed that this woman was dating Colt on a lark, but we emphasized at the time that we could not confirm the story's veracity.

Now we know this gorgeous woman's name -- Jess Caroline.

And to hear her tell it, she's dating Coltee because she wants to, not as some sort of prank.

Jess Caroline Wears Glasses

Jess Caroline spoke about the relationship on social media.

"I lost my flip flops at the pool party on my first date with him," Jess wrote.

She recalled: "I was barefoot, dirty feet, hair was a mess, and super drunk."

In Touch Weekly reached out to her to confirm that she is dating Colt and that someone else is not just pranking 90 Day Fiance fans with her photo.

"We have been together for a while,” Jess has shared.

Jess Caroline Models

“[Anyone] who knows me," Jess wrote. "Knows that I’m chill and have good intentions."

In other words, the claim that she was dating Colt because the idea seemed funny and nothing more sounds pretty bogus.

"Also," she continued. "That I don’t judge people’s choices. …"

So what is her purpose for going on a date with the infamous reality star?

Jess explained: "I’m with him because I want [to be] and because he wants [to be]."

Jess Caroline Has Great Hair

"We have chemistry," Jess revealed.

She knows that people have said cruel things about Colt.

“If you say, ‘He’s ugly and fat,’ well, he can lose weight," she acknowledged.

So can a lot of people, though dramatic weight loss is usually unhealthy. The real point is that Colt's weight is nobody's business.

"The important thing," Jess emphasized. "Is how he treats me."

"He makes me laugh and he’s nice," she claimed. "We like the same movies and songs."

Jess Caroline Likes Flowers

"I know about his past," Jess wrote. "And have watched the show.

In reference to Larissa, she said: "I don’t defend him or her."

They were two people in a deeply toxic relationship, and Jess sees that.

"It was just a relationship that didn’t work out," she expressed. "And life goes on."

"I’m not going to be rude to anyone," Jess declared.

Meaning that no one should expect her to launch an all-out attack on Larissa.

Colt Johnson on a mystery date

Jess would like to see people on social media and beyond be nicer.

"Let’s have some empathy to people and their choices,” Jess asked. 

“Let’s try to make things lighter," she suggested. "And criticize less, please."

You know what? That's pretty reasonable.

Colt Johnson Goes on a Date

Larissa Lima has also moved on from Colt, dating a younger, hotter dude.

She wrote on Instagram that she is "happy" that Colt is dating again.

"Life goes on," Larissa wrote of her attitude.

That's very similar to the sentiment that Jess expressed.

Coltee really does have a type.

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