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Can we get some follow-up episodes to Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette?

Because the drama with this cast is never-ending, and frankly, it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than anything else that’s coming down the TV pike this fall.

Hannah Brown Promo Pic

One of the most interesting post-season storylines has involved the unexpected romance between Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid.

After being rejected by Hannah in favor of Jed Wyatt (biggest f–k up in Bachelorette history?) Tyler began dating Gigi, and the two of them seemed to be getting serious.

But after just two months of dating, sources have confirmed to E! News that Cameron and Hadid have called it quits.

Neither party has spoken about the split publicly, but Tyler hinted at a split during a recent interview.

gigi and tyty

"That’s my friend," Tyler told E! when asked about Gigi.

"We hung out a few times. She’s doing her thing now in Paris and killin’ it so…"

Needless to say, Tyler is downplaying the situation considerably when he says that he and Gigi "hung out a few times."

Cameron and Hadid vacationed together and were spotted on numerous dates in the NYC area during their time together.

Gigi Hadid, Tyler Cameron Split - September 2019

Just last week, Tyler attended the funeral of Gigi’s grandmother.

It’s unclear how serious these two were, but this was definitely more than just a fling.

In fact, Tyler says he was offered a chance to be the next Bachelor, and it’s widely believed that he passed up the opportunity because of his relationship with Gigi.

Instead, the gig went to Peter Weber, who’s basically the only one of Hannah’s frontrunners who didn’t go on to date a celebrity.

Demi and Mike

Currently, it looks likew the relationship between Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato is heating up, and Johnson gushed about his A-list boo in a recent interview.

"We’ve gone on more than one date. I like her tattoos. We both have a lot of tattoos and she kisses really well," Mike said.

"I’m getting to know her for her."

Hannah may not have been lucky in love herself.

But she’s certainly proven to be a good luck charm for the dudes who competed for her roses!