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Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.

This is a line used often in the Tony Award-winning play Hamilton.

But it’s also one that could easily be uttered by nearly every member of the Little People, Big World cast at the moment.

Roloffs in 2019
Photo via Instagram

Indeed, the Roloffs didn’t just reunite over the weekend for a major personal and professional event… they did so under VERY exciting circumstances.

Just consider the following:

  • Jacob Roloff got married a few weeks ago to beloved long-time girlfriend Isabel Rock.
  • Tori Roloff is due to welcome a baby girl right around Thanksgiving.
  • Audrey Roloff is due to welcome a baby boy right after the calendar flips to 2020.
  • And Amy Roloff just got engaged to Chris Marek!

All these developments must have given the family plenty to discuss when they met at their farm in Oregon on Saturday and opened pumpkin season by posing for the photo above.

At the Farm with Ember
Photo via Instagram

Matt Roloff shared the family picture on his Instagram account, explaining via caption that he has the newest member of the family to thank for it even happening this year.

"Leave it to Izzy to remind me that today was the best time to get the annual Roloff family photo of the year.. Izzy said. …Matt. We have to do it today at 4pm!" the patriarch wrote, adding in major detail:

"Jacob and I are leaving on an extended road trip later today. Zach and Tori will be at the farm right after Jackson’s nap at3:45 pm. Jer and Auj will bring Ember at 4:15 sharp. Amy and Chris here by 4 pm. Matt and Caryn ready any time .. it’s a deal…

"We will all be in front of the 2019 sign by 4:30 pm.

"We made it.. We got there.. we sat… we gathered..we smiled.. we were a family. All at once!"

As you can see more immediately above and below, individual photos were also snapped of a couple other more immediate families on the big day.

Photo via Instagram

Continued Matt in his caption:

It was a special moment on a big day for Roloff farm 2019. we Beat all the past attendance numbers. However we totally Missed molly and Joel but that will teach them. Be here or be square… next year. Lol.

Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season 2019 is officially under way. And what a start we had. Today the strongest showing of guests on a opening friday so far.

Thanks @amyjroloff @audreyroloff @jeremyroloff @toriroloff @zroloff07 @carynchandler1 @artbyizzyrock @jacobroloff45 for all being here to cheer on the family legacy :)). If Izzy hadn’t reminded us all. This photo may not have happened… she knows how to pull an extended family together. :)).

Happy pumpkin season @rolofffarms Now. Let go have fun the month of October 2019?

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff on the Farm
Photo via Instagram

The fact that this photo was even taken goes a long way toward explaining the popularity of Little People, Big World.

Yes, they have their issues on occasion.

Heck, Amy accused Matt of cheating on her with his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

But the hard feelings either don’t linger or are never aired in public.

Matt was among the first in his family to congratulate Amy on her engagement even.

With all the turmoil and tension you so often see between other families features on reality TV shows, this is rather refreshing, don’t you think?