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Larissa Lima has been one of the most polarizing 90 Day Fiance stars in the history of the franchise – and her story isn’t done yet.

Not by a long shot.

Larissa Lima is Visibly Frustrated
Photo via Instagram

Following her recent breakup, she has taken to social media, she laments how toxic some fans can be.

She also says that she doesn’t need any makeup advice, because thousands of men already find her sexy AF.

Larissa took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 30 to speak out against toxicity that she has perceived on social media.

Larissa Lima is Back on the Market
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"Seriously," Larissa begins. "Social media is great for so many reasons, but it is also one of the most toxic things today."

"Women have pitted themselves against each other since the beginning of time," she observes.

"But now," Larissa laments. "All they need is a phone to bully a person anonymously."

Larissa Dos Santos Lima on the Gram
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"Girls, whether you are Brazilian, American, or whatever," Larissa advises. "And you have a style of eyebrow you like, go with it."

She continues: "and stop being so mean to those that don’t."

"You don’t like my make up? Fine," Larissa states.

"Take a shower to feel better about yourself," she suggests. "And stop bashing me for how I present myself."

Larissa Lima is Single Again
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"Over and over I get comments that men don’t like how I look," Larissa shares, reminding fans that she receives hateful messages.

"Guess what??" she announces. "I’ve already found thousands of men that love my look."

Dang, girl. Good for you, Larissa.

She taunts her detractors: "I’ll take their word over yours."

Larissa Lima Models a Hot Dress

"If you have kids and are blessed to be able to care for them, that is beautiful," Larissa expresses.

She asks her followers: "Please do not bring parts of my private life that you know nothing about as an excuse to bash me."

"To the nasty and nosey fake profiles without photos that get angry when I block you," Larissa adds.

"Please take a long look at yourself," she instructs. "Before you bash any other person."

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath
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"I’m not going to please everyone," Larissa acknowledges. "And I’m not even going to try."

"I care about my family, friends, and loyal followers," she writes.

Larissa vows: "The negative people, my haters, are not going to prevent me from living an amazing and beautiful life."

"I will share my life soon," she teases."Either here or on YouTube."

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!

"But for now," Larissa explains. "I prefer to stay away from the negativity."

"Life is beautiful," she affirms. "We are all beautiful."

"Tomorrow is Halloween," Larissa notes. "My favorite American tradition." 

She then adds: "and I am so excited to show off my costume."

Larissa’s appreciation for Halloween is definitely relatable — it’s the best major holiday of the year!

And we admit that we are deeply intrigued by Larissa’s little tease.

She’ll be sharing more of her life than she does already, and plans to use either Instagram or YouTube to do it!

Do you plan on tuning in to The Larissa Show? We sure do!

Larissa Lima Shows Off Her Newest Face