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During the second week of September, Larissa Lima dumped boyfriend Eric Nichols. The two had been together for seven months.

Now, Larissa has opened up about her dating life since and her long-term relationship goals.

She also shares that Colt contacted her after she broke up with Eric. Take a look:

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Larissa Lima has opened up to Us Weekly about how life has been in the six weeks since September 11, when she dumped Eric Nichols.

"I jumped into a relationship [with Eric] too fast right after my divorce," Larissa confesses.

She notes that she started dating Erickee "before I healed."

"I loved [ex-husband] Colt [Johnson] with all my heart," Larissa explains.

"And I was desperately trying to forget him and all the pain he caused," she continues.

Larissa Lima Receives a Birthday Kiss from Eric

Larissa laments that Colt had hurt her "with the cheating and lots of women — all different ones."

We all remember Colt’s outrageous cheating scandal from December of 2018. He was cheating on Larissa left and right with Instagram gals.

"But now, I am not doing the same mistake again,” Larissa announces, referring to seeking another rebound.

“I am going on dates," she states, in contrast to jumping into another committed relationship. "And I am loving it."

Good for her! That sounds very healthy.

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"Eventually," Larissa emphasizes. "I want a new relationship."

And she already knows what sort of partner she’s looking for.

"I want a godly man with his family values and one who is financially and emotionally stable," she describes.

That is quite a list of demands, but it’s not unreasonable.

Additionally, Larissa says that she wants "someone who brings the best out of me."

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Larissa also confirms that she has, if briefly, been in contact with Coltee following her latest split.

"He texted after the breakup,” Larissa shares. “But he is old news for me now."

"I don’t care if he is happy or not," she expresses. "I am really happy. … [That] is what matters."

And if you’re some sort of sicko who thinks that she should give Colt another chance, think again.

Larissa concludes: "It is an illusion to think Colt and I will be a couple again."

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Clearly, Colt’s alleged sympathies for Larissa after their breakup were short lived.

Colt and Eric hung out for a photo op, even including Colt’s mom Debbie in a series of photos shared to social media.

In the mean time, one of Larissa’s dates was with a fellow 90 Day Fiance star, Corey Rathgeber.

As a result, Larissa and Evelin went to war over social media, exchanging insults and text screenshots.

Larissa has said that nothing happened with Corey and she has announced that he’s too short for her, anyway.

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Coltee has his own troubles, these days.

He was, for a time, dating model Jess Caroline.

And it seems that she’s come a long way since her days of asking 90 Day Fiance fans to stop bullying him.

As happened almost a year ago, a photo that allegedly depicts an unflattering glimpse at Colt Johnson’s penis had made the rounds on the internet.

Jess put out a message that she does not wish to see the photo.

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If an unflattering photo of your penis is circulating, one would hope that an ex would say "that’s fake" or "it gets bigger; that’s how those work."

Instead, Jess simply expressed disgust and put up an image of a small, unimpressive banana.


While reports say that Colt has another girlfriend and will be appearing again in the 90 Day Fiance franchise, that has to hurt.