Kim Kardashian: I'll Stand By Kanye No Matter How Crazy He Gets!

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A new Kanye West album was released last week, and as usual, the rapper is supporting his latest effort with a whole slew of bonkers interviews.

And what's Kanye up to this time?

Kanye West on Netflix

Well, it seems he's really into Jesus these days -- we mean, like really into Jesus.

He's more into Jesus than ever before, which is saying a lot, since the guy released a song called "Jesus Walks" like 15 years ago.

On its own, there's nothing wrong with an artist exploring their spiritual side.

Sure, the biblical lyrics and the cameo by Kenny G. (we sh-t you not) might not make for the hardest release of the year, but there's room for every kind of content in the modern hip hop landscape.

Hello There, Wife

Unfortunately, Yeezus' newest persona has been accompanied by remarks that sound like the kind of thing you'd expect from an aging televangelist, not a top-selling rapper.

In a wide-ranging interview with radio personality Big Boy, Kanye talked about his porn addiction, his bizarre conspiracy theories, and the bizarre demands he made of the personnel who worked on his new album.

(West says he asked his collaborators not to engage in premarital sex while they were working with him, a request that seems both icky and illegal.)

All of this puts Kanye fans and other defenders in a tough spot, but no one has it harder than Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

In the past, Kim has publicly taken issue with some of her husband's remarks, such as the time she revealed that Kanye doesn't know anything about politics and only defends Donald Trump because he sees the president as a father figure.

(Which is especially weird considering Kanye's dad is still alive and the rapper talks about their relationship on his new album.)

For the most part, however, she's supported him.

Now, she's doubling down on that support and refusing to breathe a word against any of the bizarre stances he's taken as a born-again Christian.

“Kim and Kanye are in such a great place right now,” a source close to the couple tells People magazine. “Kim doesn’t want to change Kanye. She loves him and supports him.”

Programmed to Be Happy

“Of course, there are going to be times when Kanye says something Kim didn’t know he was going to say, but in general they talk about everything and are usually on the same page,” the insider says.

Not only that, it seems that in many ways the two of them are closer than ever.

“They are incredibly supportive of each other,” adds the source. “Kanye, in particular, has been so proud of everything Kim has been doing lately. They are very in sync.”

In the end, regardless of your feelings about Kanye, this is a good thing.

After all, Kim and Yeezy have four kids together -- and if she dumps his ass, it'll be up to the rest of society to make sure he doesn't light his Laborghini on fire and call it performance art, or collab on a song with Kim Jong-Un.

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