Meri Brown Gets Dragged for Profound Weed Post on Instagram

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Meri Brown is the Queen of the Cryptic on Instagram.

Over the past several weeks, the veteran Sister Wives star has written so many confusing and mysterious things online that followers have been left to come up with their own interpretation of these messages.

Hence why we think Brown is leaving the show.

Meri Brown in the Weeds

Just two days ago, meanwhile, Meri was up to it once again.

She posted the photo above on Tuesday, October 22 and wrote as an affiliated caption to the snapshot:

They say to stay out of the weeds, to not get distracted by the little and unimportant things, to stay focused on your goal and your vision. Well, these are some weeds that I can get behind, weeds and surroundings that bring peace and promote focus.

So I guess be sure to pick the right weeds.

With all due respect to Brown, we really have no idea what she's trying to say here.

Meri Brown: Hey, Folks!

The reality star has very often cited her ongoing need for peace and love and contentment, making it evident over and over and over again that she simply isn't happy in her spiritual marriage to Kody  Brown.

Not that we blame her one bit.

It's why we continually theorize that she'll be leaving the relationship soon.

In this latest case, however, a bunch of social media users have decided to have some fun at Meri's expense, mocking her a bit for trying to be all profound about a photograph of herself just standing outside.

How so, you may be wondering?

Meri Brown, Out and About

Most by taking her literally.

To wit, consider these replies to her post:

Those aren’t weeds, they’re natural grasses native to northern Arizona. So you’re standing in full splendor of your best self, surrounded by the splendor of nature being her best self as well.

From a fellow arizona girl I have to warn you that those weeds could be housing some snakes right about now! Great pic, keep your boots on.

Or smoke weed.

Thankfully, though, Meri is receiving at least a little bit of support.

Hats Off to Meri Brown!

"So beautiful and peaceful!! You got to find that peaceful spot!! Love it," remarked one individual.

And this, sadly, appears to be at the core of everything Meri mentions or cites of late.

She lashes out at critics, she tries to offer messages of hope, and she rather clearly can't find any peace in the life she has chosen to lead.

That's what often happens when you tie your fortunes to a man who doesn't make you any kind of priority.

Here's to hoping that Meri soon rids herself of the one true weeds that's been holding her back forever: Kody Brown.

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