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This week, Kylie Jenner took a break from ruining Rojean Karr’s life to show off how adorable her daughter is.

Stormi was dressed in a very elaborate, somewhat adult dress that Kylie had worn. She was such a little mini-me.

But some fans say that Stormi looks uncomfortable and that the whole concept is super weird. Is Kylie tormenting Stormi to boost her own ego?

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Remember Kylie Jenner’s big purple dress at the Met Gala?

Critics may still be divided over whether a pair of big pom poms meet the night’s motif of "camp," but that’s not the issue right now.

All eyes were focused upon cute little Stormi Webster, who will turn two years old on February 1. That’s a little over three months away.

Look at the ostentatious outfit in which Kylie dressed her daughter.

Photo via Instagram

Stormi looks so incomprehensibly cute! Anybody else gasp outloud at themselves?

No? Well, that may very well change when you see the gif that we cooked up.

"My baby!!!!!" Kylie exclaimed as she shared her daughter’s fancy look with fans.

The extremely proud 22-year-old mother admitted: "I can’t handle this!!!"

Photo via Instagram

(Please note that the occassional blurriness in the gif was part of the original video that Kylie shared; we are not certain why)

Not everyone thinks that this is cute, however, as some furious commenters on the internet announced.

"What have you done to that poor child!" exclaims one shocked commenter.

"You would dress up your kid as you!" writes an outraged follower. "LMAO; get a grip!"

Kylie and Stormi Poolside
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"Am I the only one who thinks that this is abuse?" asks one commenter, who clearly takes dress-up very seriously.

"Bruh she’s too cute," admits another. "But she doesn’t look very happy. Not gonna lie, I think she’s feeling tortured."

"You can tell how uncomfortable she is and wants to cry," a comment accuses. "You are stealing her youth!"

Another says that this is typical of all Kardashian children, writing: "These children will be in therapy by the age of ten!"

Stormi Webster Dances in Kylie Jenner's Arms

First of all, we want to make it clear that Kylie Jenner loves her daughter, and that putting a nice, well-designed dress on a baby is not abuse.

In the short and silent video that Kylie shared and that we turned into the lovely and colorful gif above, Stormi is clearly smiling happily.

That doesn’t sound much like torture to us.

But even if Stormi is happy and not suffering in the least, as we are inclined to believe, some of these criticisms may hold some weight.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Pretty in Pink
Photo via Instagram

Did Kylie … dress up Dream as herself for Halloween?

Maybe she showed Dream some photos and Dream expressed interest in Kylie’s Met Gala dress and Kylie obliged.

Or maybe Kylie just thought that it would be cute, and made the choice for Stormi. Stormi’s a toddler and that’s not so uncommon.

But it’s not unreasonable to feel weird when you see Kylie dress her daughter as herself.

That said, we should keep in mind that even we peasant folk sometimes dress as a parent or teacher or real person for Halloween, because it’s cute.

It’s just weirder seeing it when it’s somebody’s famous mom.