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As soon as Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up, there was wild speculation about what "drama" had prompted the split.

Some rumors even claimed that Travis had cheated on Kylie with a model named Rojean Kar.

Rojean now says that the Kardashians are ruining her life simply over a false rumor. And she has some unkind words about Kylie in particular.

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"I wish the truth would just reveal itself," Rojean Kar expresses in a recent post.

"It’s frustrating knowing it never will because everyone’s either scared, paid off," she laments.

Rojean continues: "or aware that there’s no way to come out victorious when dealing with these people."

She accuses: "because have so much control in so many places, including the media, and consequently, the minds and pockets of the public."

Note that Rojean did not name Kylie, Travis, or the Kardashians, but her meaning was readily apparent to fans and followers.

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"I’m not speaking now out of spite or being salty over extra money I didn’t need," Rojean clarifies.

"What I’m doing is much greater than being an ‘Instagram model’ or fraudulent reality star," she adds, including another unsubtle jab.

Rojean expresses: "It’s just sad to see how someone with all that money and fame is still concerned with little insignificant me."

She protests that she is "someone who’s done nothing to her."

Which means that yes, Rojean is denying that she was ever Travis Scott’s side piece. Again, without saying any names.

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Rojean now accuses "someone" … someone who context clues suggest is absolutely definitely Kylie … of blacklisting her in the entertainment industry.

She writes: "And have so much jealously and envy in her heart that she’ll try to block a complete stranger from doing better for themselves."

"This is y’alls idol," Rojean accuses, knowing that some of her followers are surely Kylie stans.

She describes said idol as "An insecure, petty, manipulative con artist."


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Fans clearly understood Rojean’s message, and sympathies poured in.

"They’ve blacklisted Jordyn [Woods] for every large company too," one fans writes.

Another adds: "Look at her page and you’ll see how few companies work with her, you’re not alone."

Fear of Jordan Woods being blacklisted by the Kardashian empire was part of what prompted Jada Pinkett-Smith to intercede on Jordyn’s behalf.

"But I didn’t do anything wrong," Rojean protests. "Literally a victim of the Internet being crazy."

In other words, Rojean is emphasizing that she has never been Travis’ side piece.

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Travis Scott has previously expressed his intense frustration with stories claiming that he’s a cheater.

"It’s really affecting when you see false things said about u," Travis wrote.

"Once again these false stories about me cheating are just simply not true," he emphasized.

He affirmed: "Focusing on life, music and family at this moment is what’s real."

Sadly, particularly after Khloe and Tristan’s first cheating scandal, some people seemed almost eager to believe that Traivs was also a cheater.

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In reality, there has never been any credible evidence of Travis Scott cheating on Kylie Jenner.

He and Kylie endured the rumors throughout her pregnancy, as some believed that he was ghosting her already.

Then, on February 4 of 2018 when Kylie revealed that she had given birth days earlier, she released a video showing that Travis had stayed by her side.

More credible reports about Kylie and Travis’ recent conscious uncoupling say that they simply fell out of love once the honeymoon phase was over and they settled into a routine.

That said, we’re not sure that Kylie has deliberately blacklisted Rojean. Maybe people are too afraid to hire her, just in case.