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Even if you’re not a follower of royal news and gossip, you’re probably aware of the most recent controversy surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

In a newly-released TV documentary entitled Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the couple opened up about the various challenges they’ve faced during their first 18 months of marriage.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa
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Meghan, of course, has bullied by the British press worse than any Royal in history (which is really saying something).

As a result, the public — for the most part — was sympathetic to her plight.

But, as is so often the case with this sort of thing, a handful of jackasses had to take the contrarian position.

Meghan’s wicked half-sister Samantha Markle complained that Meghan has no right to complain.

A Royal Family Photo
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Professional whiner Piers Morgan implored Harry and Meghan to stop whining.

Sam and Piers are thankfully in the minority, but the somewhat mixed reaction to the Sussexes unprecedentedly candid revelations has led to tremendous curiosity over what the rest of the royal family thinks about their complaints.

Not surprisingly, the famously private Windsor clan has mostly kept mum on the matter, and the code of silence extends to the person who likely understands Meghan’s predicament better than anyone else on the planet:

“To some extent, Kate does feel sorry for Meghan,” a source close to the situation tells Life & Style.

“She has a good heart and isn’t the kind of person to say, ‘You’ve brought it upon yourself,’ but for the most part she’s keeping herself out of the situation," the insider adds.

"Kate has enough on her plate looking after three kids and fulfilling royal duties. She barely has a moment to herself and tries to avoid drama and conflict at all costs.”

Yes, not surprisingly, Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided to simply keep out of the fray.

This is probably a result of their desire to avoid making waves, but you can bet the British tabloid media will blame their silence on comments that Harry made about William in the documentary.

Middleton and Markle
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Obviously, the Cambridges decision is understandable, but it’s also somewhat unfortunate, as the Sussexes are apparently feeling more isolated than ever:

“Harry and Meghan are putting on a brave face, but [truth be told] they’ve been struggling since the documentary aired,” the insider noted.

“But they were also struggling beforehand. While Harry has no regrets about doing it, the ongoing backlash is wearing them both down.”

Fortunately, Harry and Meghan still have each other.

At a Parade
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The source says the Duke and Duchess have been “supporting each other through this tough time, but it’s not always easy."

"Aside from Harry, Meghan’s leaning on [her mother] Doria and her closest friends for advice," the source adds.

"She FaceTimes Doria every day. Her mom is one of the few people she can rely on and trust.”

Eventually, the criticism over Harry and Meghan’s comments will subside.

So Royally Awesome
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And in the meantime, the couple is looking forward to the weeks ahead, which include a long-awaited trip across the pond:

“Harry and Meghan are trying to move on and be positive about the future,” the insider says.

“The trip to L.A. is just what they need right now — it’s given them something to look forward to," says the source.

"They’re literally counting down the days until they fly out there.”

Well, it’s not every day that famous couples escape to LA to get away from the tabloid press, but Harry and Meghan are not your typical celebs!