Kailyn Lowry: Dragged By Fans For Truly Ridiculous Reason

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Kailyn Lowry enjoys her some coffee.

So do many of us across the land.

kail v jo 2

She credits it with helping her to keep up with the demands of her hectic lifestyle, and she even selected Coffee Convos as the title of her wildly popular podcast.

Earlier this week Kail decided to ask her Twitter followers for advice before purchasing a new Keurig machine.

And apparently, that was a mistake - because now her beans aren't the only thing getting roasted.

[High-fives self]

Kailyn Lowry Via Twitter

It all started innocently enough, as it always does.

The Teen Mom 2 star and mother of three posted a pic of the Keurig display at what appears to be her local Target location.

Run of the mill? You'd think. But this caused a handful of seemingly very unstable followers to absolutely lose their sh-t:

Kail's Keurig

So what was it that these stable geniuses complained about?

Was it the fact that Kail patronizes big box stores, which serve to exacerbate the corporatization of America, the homogenization of our culture, and the desperate plight of mom-and-pop stores?

Or maybe they didn't like the idea of Kail increasing her carbon-footprint-per-cup with the use of those little plastic pods?

Kailyn Lowry Rocks a Bikini

No, both of those arguments would have been insane, but at least they would have made a modicum of sense.

Instead, the people who create entire Twitter accounts just to bash Kail (believe it or not, there are hundreds of them) have decided that Kail's purchase of a freakin' coffee machine is a sign of her increased bougieness.

We wish we were kidding.

Kailyn Lowry Style

“Is your kitchen too far?” one fan replied, as pointed out by In Touch Weekly.

“Was gonna say the same thing. This looks like her house. She’s become ridiculous about stuff," a second follower echoed.

Another slammed Kail for daring to crowd-source a consumer query, which is one of the things people have been using social media for from the very beginning:

Kailyn Lowry Has 3 Kids

“If you can’t make this decision on your own you’re in trouble," tweeted this person, who apparently takes great pride in their ability to make purchases without any input from the internet.

A few people went full conspiracy theory and suggested that Kail had reached some sort of endorsement deal:

“Way to plug @keurig,” wrote one such nut.

Kailyn Lowry and Children

“She always tries to get things for free!” another responded.

Folks, listen - being criticized for minor decisions and details of your personal life is part of what you sign on for when you agree to be on a reality show.

And given how much the stars of Teen Mom 2 get paid, we're guessing Kail has no regrets about that devil's bargain.

Kailyn Bikini Pic

But before you tear her apart over a tweet, a thought exercise:

Ask yourself if you'd respond the same way if: 

  1. You actually knew her in real life.
  2. You weren't hiding behind an anonymous account.

Besides, this is the same Kailyn Lowry who just spent a month in Hawaii.

If you want to slam her for being bougie and out of touch, you can probably do better than her choice in coffee makers.

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