Felicity Huffman Refused to Talk to Lori Loughlin Before Prison

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Earlier this week, actress Felicity Huffman reported to prison to begin serving a 14-day sentence.

As you probably know, Huffman is one of the famous faces of the college admissions bribery scandal.


And while she's the first celebrity to get locked up for the bribes she doled out in order to ensure her daughter a place in the school of her choice, she almost certainly won't be the last.

After all, Huffman accepted a plea deal and prosecutors still made an example of her.

(Sure it was the lightest slap on the wrist imaginable, but they imprisoned a rich, well-connected white woman in America, which is no easy feat.)

Conversely, actress Lori Loughlin refused a plea deal and is planning to take her chances in court.

Loughlin, Lori

And we think it's safe to say she's beginning to have second thoughts after seeing what became of Huffman.

Insiders Loughlin still believes she'll be able to avoid doing time, but is now contemplating the possibility for the first time.

According to a new report from People magazine, Loughlin attempted to reach out to Huffman recently in order to get a read on how the actress was feeling about her upcoming sentence.

Not surprisingly, it seems Huffman didn't feel up to having a chat:

Felicity Huffman Goes to Court

“She wanted to encourage her, and see how she was doing,” a source close to the situation tells People.

“She feels like their fates are tied together now, even though they weren’t really friends before.”

Sounds like Huffman just wants this whole ordeal to be over with and has no interest in commiserating with her co-conspirators.

But like it or not, it seems she'll be getting another call from Aunt Becky shortly after her release:

Lori Loughlin Off to Court

“She wants to debrief Felicity after jail to find out what it was like and what her advice would be,” says the insider.

“She feels like Felicity’s time in jail will be an indicator on her own time, and she’s extremely curious to know how it goes.”

Not surprisingly, Loughlin is hoping Huffman will reassure her that life on the inside isn't all that bad:

“She’s definitely hoping that Felicity’s time in prison will go easy for her, because that will be a positive sign that, if Lori has to serve time, that she’ll be able to weather it as well," the source says.


"Of course, it’s still very important for her to be exonerated of all charges against her," the insider continues.

"She still maintains her innocence and hopes it won’t come to that. But if she does end up serving time in prison, she wants to know what she’s getting into.”

Lori might still be holding out hope that the judge will go easy on her, but that seems increasingly unlikely.

While her trial date has not yet been set, it looks as though Loughlin will be going from Full House to the big house sometime in early 2020.

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