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Oops, Audrey Roloff appears to now be saying…

my bad!

A day after the former Little People, Big World star garnered a great deal of backlash for offering up some rather warped dating advice, the expecting mother of one is here to explain herself.

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Or at least try to explain herself.

Here’s what’s been going on:

Earlier this week, Audrey — who penned a book about love and relationships with her husband, Jeremy, and who thinks she’s an expert on this topic — posted a photo of herself and her man.

It was very cute, as you can see below.

But the caption she wrote along with it was a tad less adorable.

This is the photo:

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And this was the polarizing caption:

"SINGLE LADIES: To all my girls out there that are "hanging out" with a guy that you’re just not sure about…

"You can’t help who you fall in love with, but you CAN help who you spend time with."

She concluded:

Be careful spending too much time with someone you don’t see yourself marrying because you just might fall in love with them…. And falling in love with someone you don’t see yourself marrying only ends in hurt.

Guard your heart so that you can give it undividedly to your future husband. You would want him to do the same for you.

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Many readers were simply confused by Audrey’s logic here.

How, exactly, can one be confident early in a relationship that one might fall inlove with one’s partner… and yet think that partner would never be one’s spouse?

Seems like an antithetical notion, doesn’t it?

Moreover, why must a woman even think this way, many critics have asked?

As summed up by the remark below, why can’t a woman (or a man) just date, have fun, learn a lot about him or herself, maybe fall in love, maybe get hurt and just figure life out as it comes?

There’s something both antiquated and sexist in thinking that a woman should be thinking about marriage at all times, isn’t there?

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We aren’t the only ones saying this, either.

"This kind of advice is based on the antiquated idea that women are not pure or are somehow damaged after they have been with or ‘loved’ someone. It’s super regressive," wrote a user  in Audrey’s Comments section, adding:

"You can love, get hurt, learn and be a better person for the one you chose to marry.”

Well said, no?

The clap back prompted Audrey to respond as follows:

“Woah. Definitely don’t think those women are somehow damaged or not pure. That is not what I’m saying.”

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So… what was Audrey saying? She didn’t really elaborate.

But Jill Duggar responded to the message with an "Amen!," which is sort of damning in and of itself, considering many believe the Duggars are basically a cult and view women solely as creatures who can bear their husband children.

All this said, we’re guessing Audrey meant well.

She probably meant well when she offered a few tips on finding a godly husband as well.

Perhaps, however, Audrey would be better served going forward if she stopped thinking she knew everything there is to know about love, relationships, sex and marriage.