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Early last year, Ann Curry broke her silence on Matt Lauer’s mountain of accusations of sexual misconduct and rape.

Recently, the world has learned even more of his alleged misdeeds, including a story of one of his rape victims attempting suicide.

A new report says that Ann has heard from other survivors, and that if and when she is ready, she can and will destroy his life all over again.

Ann Curry with Matt Lauer

Us Weekly reports that Ann Curry knows more about Matt Lauer than anyone ever realized.

“Ann has maintained a dignified silence,” the insider begins.

That’s certainly one way of phrasing it. That said, she did say that she reported him for harassment as far back as 2012.

The source continues: “but a lot of people confided in her years ago.”

“And,” the insider continues. “Still do to this day.”

Ann Curry on a Red Carpet

We’ve all read and heard the horror stories of Matt’s ability to lock his door from his desk and of him preying on NBC employees.

But apparently, compared to Ann’s knowledge, this may just be the tip of the iceburg.

“She knows more than most about the man Matt really is,” the source rveals.

“And when she finally speaks out,” the insider predicts. “It will destroy him.”

That’s a pleasant image. We’ll talk about why she may be taking her time in a moment.

Matt Lauer Looks Dour

Matt Lauer once had the image of “America’s dad.” That’s how many fans and viewers apparently saw him.

Now, the only people who would describe him that way are people with major, negative issues with their own fathers.

He is accused of using NBC as his own private game reserve — where his prey was young women too ambitious or too afraid to report his harassment.

One incident describes how a woman was summoned to his office to find him with his pants down.

According to the allegation, he allegedly chastised that woman for not performing oral sex upon him. She was just trying to do her job.

Matt Lauer, Pre-Scandal

Then, things got worse.

We all remember the harrowing story of him having a button installed on his desk so that he could remotely lock his office door.

According to one woman, he used that to lock her in with him and then sexually assaulted her.

She says that he only stopped when she passed out and fell over. Horrific.

Another woman, who later attempted suicide, says that the “sex” he had with her was nonconsensual for two reasons.

One, because she was too drunk to consent. Two, because she verbally denied permission for anal sex.

We don’t know what more Ann Curry may know about Matt Lauer’s awful misdeeds.

But some may wonder why she would wait at all if she knows things on such an important subject.

The first explanation may be that these are not her stories to tell.

These are the stories of survivors. They’ll share if and when they’re ready.

Matt Lauer at NBC

The other is that she may be waiting to see if Matt attempts a comeback.

Reports say that he is eager to return to work. It sounds like he may truly believe that he somehow did nothing wrong.

Many feel that he got off easy by being fired, and that he belongs in prison with other accused rapists.

If he tries for a comeback, maybe Ann will come forward.