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Amy Roloff is feeling blessed at the moment.

She’s also feeling sad and sentimental and, above all, reflective.

This is what happens when a loved one passes away.

Roloff Throwback Pic

Late last month, the Little People, Big World star lost her mother, Patricia.

The 86-year old died after having been sick for several months, with Amy saying little about the tragedy when it first took place — but then mourning her openly on Instagram a few days later.

And now the TLC personality is once again taking to social media in order to talk about her mother.

"Every time I look at this photo I’m reminded how blessed I am," wrote the mother of four to open a lengthy caption to the photo above, adding:

"I have 4 amazing wonderful kids, 3 wonderful daughter-in-laws, one fantastic son-in-law, 2 precious grand kids (2 more on the way now)."

(Indeed, Tori Roloff is due to give birth right around Thanksgiving and Tori Roloff is due to give birth in early January.)

Photo via Instagram

Amy then went on to explain the circumstances behind the family throwback photo shared at the outset of this article.

"I thank the Lord everyday for them," she wrote, continuing as follows:

"And how the Lord put it on my heart last year to encourage my kids, if they could, to take a trip to Michigan with me to see my Mom and Dad , their grandparents, and my family, last summer (2018).

"My Dad was turning 90 and my Mom 86. I just knew it was the right time, more than ever before, for them to go and visit them."

Amy, who got engaged just before her mother died, proceeded to give thanks that her extended family was able to spend this time with her parents, writing:

"My Mom and Dad got to see my kids, their grandchildren again and to meet their great grand children (Jackson and Ember). My Mom hoped she would get to see her great grandchildren one day and I’m so happy she did!"

Amy Roloff and Pumpkins

Amy did mention a few months ago that her mother was ill, but she never specified exactly what was going on.

She does so here, however:

"Then 9 months later, earlier this year, my mom heart surgery. She wasn’t the same physically, ever since. My Mom passed on Sept 24th."

Just so very sad overall. But at least Amy was able to spend special time with Patricia before she passed away.

"I’m going back home, to Michigan, to say good-bye and be with my Dad and my family. But the moments and memories I have of her will be with me for a life time," continued Amy, updating followers on her status and her whereabouts and adding:

"Life is filled with tons of moments – many we may let slip by. Be sure to let what doesn’t really matter slip by more than the many little moments that do/should matter.

"Time is but a moment. Make the best of those moments as you can. For you can’t get them back."

Photo via Instagram

Moving many fans to tears, Amy concluded with a message to Patricia.

This is what she wrote:

Mom I’m going to miss you. I do miss you already. You’re not hurting anymore and You’re with the Lord now and for that I’m grateful. God is good always. Love you Mom.

Amy also used the hashtags #lovemymomforever, #familyalways and #faith.

We continue to send our condolences to Amy Roloff and all her loved ones.