Amy Roloff Has "Moved On" From Family Farm, Insider Explains

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Amy Roloff has a very bright future ahead of her.

It will be filled one filled with love, laughter and the companionship of a very special someone, consdering the Little People, Big World star recently accepted a proposal from Chris Marek.

Amy Roloff Offers Up Treats

Before she can officially look forward to what's next, however, Amy must make peace with what she's now leaving behind.

This has become a relevant topic because Amy seemed to take a passve aggressive shot at either her ex-husband, his girlfriend or quite possibly both just a few days ago.

Along with a photo of herself at her family's farm for pumpkin season, Roloff wrote the following:

Chris and Amy at the Farm

"Even though I wasn’t really a part of Pumpkin season this year (various reasons), I truly missed meeting so many of you and dressing up Enjoy this amazing time of year - Fall."

At first glance, this may seem like a harmless caption.

However, many observers have honed in on the wording of "various reasons" and taken it as a reference to Amy basically getting shoved aside by Caryn Chandler.

Amy Roloff and Pumpkins

Chandler, of course, has been dating Matt Roloff for years now and has been making her presence on the farm felt stronger and stronger every season.

Matt posted a picture of Caryn on the property right around the same time as Amy mentioned how she wasn't really part of the whole pumpkin picking thing this year.

It's also important to remember that Amy has accused Matt of cheating on her with Chandler toward the end of their marriage.

Caryn with Matt Roloff

With Amy having sold part of her farm land to Matt several weeks ago, and with Amy making plans to move to a house off the property, a source acknowledges to Radar Online that many changes are on the horizon for this reality star.

“Amy is in acceptance about transitioning off the farm,” the source tells this website, adding that the grandmother of two is handling everything as well  as she can these days:

“She’s really come a long way.”

Roloff and Marek Pic

Amy has admitted at times that the divorce from Matt wasn't easy, especially in the wake of him almost immediately getting with Chandler -- who worked for years as a manager on the farm.

Still, Amy now has Chris - and a whole lot to look forward to.

“I think part of her will always be hurt that Matt betrayed her in a way, but she’s found someone new. She’s moved on,” the source concluded to Radar.

Amy and Patricia

For right now, Amy also has some else to sadly focus on: the September 24th death of her mother, Patricia.

"Today I’m heading to Michigan for my Mom’s memorial on Thursday and to say goodbye to her And grateful to be with my Dad for a little bit afterwards," Roloff wrote on Sunday, adding:

"I’m torn with my emotions."

"I miss her so much and at the same time happy she’s not in pain anymore and with the Lord. I’ll miss Chris while I’m gone but so glad he’ll be coming out to be with me for the service and My kids too."

Amy Roloff with Her Parents

Concluded Amy in this post:

It’s a kind of mixed emotions for my heart kind of day. I’m sad and yet I know I’m blessed in many ways and I’m so thankful for life and moments.

Remember to be kind and let others know you love them every day.

Life is but a moment and let’s collect as many as we can while doing our best to live life.

Amen, Amy.

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