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Well, that was fast!

Just last week we reported that several members of the Duggar family had traveled to the Bahamas in order to assist with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Austin Forsyth, Jason Duggar, James Duggar, and John Duggar in the Bahamas

Now, it seems they either finished the job way ahead of schedule or realized rebuilding a nation is, like, super hard and decided to just pack it in.

Look, before you go and flame us in the comments, volunteering is always admirable; we’re sure the Duggars’ hearts were in the right place; and they’re under no obligation to stay until the job is finished, which it may never be.

That said, the fans who immediately suspected this was some sort of publicity stunt?

Yeah, they may have been onto something.

Austin Comes Home

On Monday, Joy-Anna Duggar posted the above photo, in which she can be seen welcoming home her husband, Austin Forsyth.

"He’s HOME!" Joy captioned the pic.

"Keep praying for [medic corps] and some of my family as they are still working down in Bahamas!"

Joy didn’t specify which members of her family are still in the Bahamas.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Selfie

But she did make yet another reference to Medic Corps, an organization that seems to have been founded by the Duggars sometime in the past couple weeks.

As we mentioned, many fans have been highly critical of the Duggars’ involvement in the Dorian cleanup.

This is primarily due to the fact that the family decided to launch its own non-profit, rather than simply volunteering for the Red Cross, or one of the many other established organizations already assisting in the efforts.

As anyone who’s ever worked for one can tell you, a lot of people get very rich from so-called non-profits, and it looks like with Medic Corps., the Duggars are hoping to grab themselves a piece of the disaster relief pie.

UPDATE, ROUND 2: So Much Baby News!

That’s fine, of course — making money is what the Duggars do best, and lately, it seems they’re more focused than ever on ensuring that their kids and grandkids are provided for long after the spotlight dims and the camera crews go home.

But if they thought spending less than a week in a devastated region would be enough to convince fans they’re serious about the welfare of the Bahamas, it seems they were mistaken.

Again, we don’t have the full story.

Perhaps Austin had a reason to return early, and the other Duggars who made the trip are planning to see this thing through.

But if the Duggars are hoping to continue on with Medic Corps., it might benefit them to get the whole story out there ASAP.