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Duggar fans and critics alike have long suspected that Jim Bob forces his sons to work for him to maintain a measure of control over them.

This time, at least, those sons are going to work for what looks like a good cause.

Several of the Duggar men are in the Bahamas, preparing to provide disaster relief after Dorian. But this may be more controversial than intended.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar in South America
Photo via Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar, fresh off of being shamed for how she holds hands, took to Instagram to give fans a major update.

"Austin just arrived down in the Bahamas with @mediccorps," she revealed.

Joy-Anna shared a Mediccorps photo of an array of Duggars.

She explained: "They will be some of the first on scene to help with disaster relief after Hurricane Dorian."

You can see their photo below:

Austin Forsyth, Jason Duggar, James Duggar, and John Duggar in the Bahamas
Photo via Instagram

Joy-Anna then asked a favor of her fans and followers.

"Please pray for all of the people who have been affected by this terrible hurricane," she implored them.

"And," she asked, won’t they please pray also for the "safety for our medic team."

She wants her husband to come home safe, naturally.

"To find out how you can pray or support," Joy-Anna concluded. "Please follow @mediccorps or click on the link in my bio."

Photo via Instagram

So which Duggars headed down south, exactly? Obviously, Austin was one of them.

But so were John David, Jason, and James.

Interesting enough, it looks like Jana also headed down, though so far it looks like she’s been tasked with taking photos.

The Duggars are among familiars faces who aren’t family.

Both Lawson and Nathan of Bringing Up Bates are also volunteering with Mediccorps.

Photo via Instagram

A lot of fans instantly had questions about what exactly makes these dudes qualified to provide emergency relief.

Abbie Duggar is actually a registered nurse, but she did not accompany John David on the flight south.

There’s a very good reason for that — she’s pregnant.

With a due date this winter, she doesn’t need to be traipsing off to disaster zones, even with the best intentions.

We’ll get into the concerns that people have about the people who are going in just a moment.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar in Silver Dollar City

The estimated cost of this "short-term rescue mission" by Mediccorps is about $20,000.

In general, people in developing countries benefit less from someone traveling to them than they would if one simply sent them the money for the trip.

It’s unclear if that is true for disaster relief or if feet on the ground do more good.

Regardless, the Mediccorps site claims that they can provide helicopter rescue and medical transport and deploy first-responders.

Above all else, Mediccorps is a devoutly Christian organization and their statements and reading material emphasizing faith in Jesus.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar Share a Drink
Photo via Instagram

People have serious concerns about the Duggar boys not necessarily being prepared to help people in need beyond giving them transportation.

(There has been discourse back and forth about who may actually be qualified to provide aid)

The family — well, Jim Bob — is also accused of sending them on this trip for publicity for their failing reality careers.

Many have concerns that Mediccorp is more interested in preaching to survivors than anything else.

Rescuing people is well and good, but most would say that rescuing them with an ulterior motive isn’t a great thing to do.