Ronnie Ortiz-Magro on Jen Harley: She Sucks! But I Can't Quit Her!

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Earlier this year, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro checked into rehab for alcohol and depression.

The Jersey Shore star took fans by impressed surprise when he admitted to having a substance abuse problem.

But here's the thing about Ronnie:

Hug for Harley

Yes, he does seem to have a problem with drinking.

But he also very clearly has a problem with Jen Harley -- and he's shown little predilection to fix it.

Harley and Ronnie have been making headlines for about a year and a half now, ever since they welcomed a daughter together in April of 2018.

Within weeks, the reality stars were exchanging furious insults online, trading accusations of infidelity and being generally horrible to each other.

Here's a refresher:

Fast forward 18 months and very little has changed... with the exception of Harley's rap sheet, considering she's been arrested on multiple occasions for allegedly attacking her boyfriend.

Just last night, on the latest episode of Jersey Shore, Ronnie's friends grew very concerned about their pal as a result of some texts Jen sent to Angelina.

The couple has been going back and forth for many months now, with Ronnie hinting strongly on Instagram yesterday that he was sick and tired of Harley basically sucking as a person.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro on jen

"Don’t let anyone guilt trip you for having not waited around for them to change their sh*tty ass, problematic behavior and get their sh*t together," he advised followers, as you can see above, concluding:

"You don’t owe anyone years of your life in exchange for the decline in your mental and emotional health."

The guy is totally and completely right.

So... he's finally come to his sense and is done with Harley, right?

Of course not.

"You know, we’re still not perfect, but we’re still working on our relationship every day,” Ronnie very recently told Us Weekly, adding:

“I really think it is [about] being the best parents that we can be to Ariana and that we’re doing a great job so far."

Jen and Ronnie, Out and About

On September 5, On September 5, Harley WENT OFF on Ronnie, accusing him of sleeping around and seemingly ending their romance once and for all.

But it doesn't sound like anything is actually over, does it?

“Ronnie did not cheat. That girl is a friend of his and that was from a boat party with a bunch of people,” an insider told Us at the time, referencing a woman on a boat with whom Ronnie was spotted.

“She was there for him because they broke up middle of last week, and she was being that friend consoling him. He was really upset."

Where do things actually stand right now between Jen and Ronnie? How the heck should we know?!?

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

Back in February, Ronnie really did sound like he had his act together.

He sounded like he understood where things had gone wrong and what he had to do differently.

“I wanted to be a better person, a better father for my daughter,” Ronnie said at the time of why he went to rehab, concluding:

“Eventually, all the bad decisions I was making were going to lead me to places that I didn’t want to be.

"I wanted to be led to the place that I am now – that’s happy, healthy and the best role model for my daughter."

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