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The brand new Bachelor is officially ready for take off.

Actually, he’s already in the figurative air.

Peter Weber on the Couch

We make these hilarious pilot-related references because it really is true: Peter Weber has been selected as the next The Bachelor on ABC.

The announcement will be made on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 reunion show, which airs on September 17, but the news was broken about two weeks ago by multiple sources… including the very reliable Reality Steve.

Thanks to these Bachelor spoilers, all hope has sadly been lost that executives might go with fan favorite Mike Johnson.

Just to drive the tragic point home even harder, however, TMZ captured footage on Thursday of Weber walking through the airport in Los Angeles.

As you can tell by the screenshot below, he was wearing his pilot’s uniform at the time — and he was trailed by ABC cameras.

The Hollywood Gossip

According to this celebrity gossip website, Weber realized at one point that TMZ was filming him being filmed by the network, and was "totally flummoxed" by being caught.

Which makes sense.

The secret is not supposed to actually be out yet.

And it’s still not out from ABC or anyone affiliated with The Bachelor; Chris Harrison and company won’t be saying a word until the aforementioned reunion show airs on Tuesday night.

Peter Weber Promo Pic

Weber, meanwhile, finished third on Hannah Brown’s recent season of The Bachelorette.

He earned perpetual social media fame after the Alabama native confessed on air that she and Weber had sex four times… in one night… inside of a windmill.

The Fantasy Suite stakes have suddenly been raised for this upcoming Bachelor season, huh?

Tyler Cameron finished second on Hannah’s Bachelorette run, but he’s somehow dating Gigi Hadid these days, taking him out of the running to be The Bachelor.

Then there’s Johnson, who came in third place and who won the hearts of millions of viewers during his time on the show.

But he’s black and therefore was never seriously considered by producers.

Hannah Brown and Peter

This leaves Weber, who is white and handsome and nice and perfectly harmless.

In other words, from the perspective of Bachelor producers, he’s the perfect choice.

The network has not yet announced a premiere date for the new season, but you can expect Weber to make his first appearance some time in very early January.

You can also expect fans to be sort of pissed about it.

If the following reactions are any indication, that is…