Lisa Vanderpump Hurls X-Rated Shade at Eileen Davidson: You Act Like a "P--sy!"

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Lisa Vanderpump recently left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the wake of a scandal known as PuppyGate.

It involved Dorit Kemsley... and a puppy she adopted from Vanderpump's foundation... only to then give the puppy away and, well... you can read more about it HERE.

We really don't feel like rehashing such confusing nonsense again.

Instead, we'd like to turn your attention to a new controversy, something that can appropriately and unfortunately be labeled as PussyGate.

pump vs. davidson

Allow us to explain:

Earlier this week, Davidson sat across from Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and asked for her thoughts on Vanderpump “ditching the reunion and quitting the show.”

Cohen had previously made it clear he was pissed at Vanderpump for not attending the most recent Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special.

And just how did Davidson response to Vanderpump walking away from the franchise? With the following two words:

Pussy move.

Oh, yes, she went there.

Lisa Vanderpump Promo Shot

Rumors of Vanderpump's exit ran rampant online for weeks before Lisa confirmed her departure on July 10.

"The Pump has left the building. Thank you to all of you for your support for 9 years. #rhobh," she Tweeted at that time.

She didn't delve into the details behind this decision, but Lisa lost her brother in the spring  of 2018 and then her mother this past summer.

She has been through a lot personally over the past year or so, and that's before even getting into all the feuds and bickering that dominated Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

(Lisa's husband lit Vanderpump's co-stars on fire for these feuds several weeks ago.)

Lisa Vanderpump for Pride

In an interview with Extra after her exit was announced, Vanderpump opened up about how difficult of a year she had endured.

“The last year was a very negative year for me,” she explained.

“I feel like we’re moving forward. They have had their resolution. I just had a horrible time with the show and the women. It was a very sad time in my life and it wasn’t made any better. I just decided to walk away.”

So this brings us back to Davidson and how Lisa responded to her above two words of shade.

“Mmm @eileen_davidson,” Vanderpump Tweeted on Thursday.

“At least I resigned, you weren’t honest about the fact that you were fired… Now that’s a p***y move as you call it.”

Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson tweets

Like we said at the outset of this post, right? 

Welcome to PussyGate.

As of this writing, Davidson’s hasn’t addressed Vanderpump’s message directly, but she did send a kissy emoji on Thursday in response to a tweet that said, “Having fun getting dragged yet? Foolish woman.”

We have a strong feeling we haven't heard the last of this rivalry.

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