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On Tuesday night, three couples broke up on Bachelor in Paradise.

But while these tandems reached the end of their line, another Bachelor Nation twosome made it clear that getting off the island together a day before simply meant that they’d be…

… getting off together, if you know what we mean.

dean and caelynn

On Monday, September 9, Dean and Caelynn stunned viewers when they decided to exit Bachelor in Paradise, departing Mexico with a seemingly uncertain future.

But the reality stars then went ahead yesterday and made it clear yesterday that they are doing quite well, thank you very much.

Between the two of them, Caelynn and Dean shared a trio of photos of their time together… which has apparently included one-on-one dates in a van, with a nice view and very little clothing on.

"Sorry we had to leave #bachelorinparadise early, the vantasy suite waits for no one," Dean jokingly captioned one post.

He even tagged the location as "Pleasure Town," which is pretty amazing.

Photo via Instagram

Caelynn then reposted her lover’s picture and gave an update on their new life on the road.

"Lots of ramen, very few showers, and a whole lot of happiness," she wrote.

In another one of the adorable snapshots (below), all of which were taken inside Unglert’s van, the two are cuddled up as they look out onto the ocean.

They probably feel like the only people in the entire world here, you know?

Photo via Instagram

These images, and the romance they represent, mark a stark departure from where Miller-Keyes and Unglert were just a few weeks ago on  air.

They had going strong until Dean decided to dump Caelynn on her birthday and leave the series.

She was crushed, but then a few days later, she was smitten with Connor Saeli and seemed happy as can be — that is, until Unglert chose to return and ask for a second chance.

Then, on Monday night’s installment, Unglert came back to reveal that he had a change of heart and wanted Miller-Keyes to leave the beach with him.

"I’m a changed man," he told her.

“I’m scared of getting hurt again,” Miller-Keyes replied.

“I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen next, but I know I want to try,” Dean simply said.

Photo via Instagram

He sure looks like he both tried and succeeded, huh?

And while it’s unclear where this relationship isi headed next, Dean and Caelynn don’t seem to be in a major rush to get there.

For now, they are just gonna enjoy the view — and each other.