Kourtney Kardashian: I'd LOVE to See Sofia Richie Move In with Scott Disick!

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Scott Disick is already using Sofia Richie to save his reality show, but what she had to discuss wasn't just a stunt to boost ratings.

They were really discussing the idea o fmoving in together, and how that could change their dynamic.

Kourtney, it turns out, is all for seeing her ex live with his new girlfriend, And she has an amazing reason why.

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Sofia Richie in Cabo

An inside source tells Life & Style that Scott and Sofia moving in together would only put a smile on Kourtney's face.

"Kourtney would love it if they lived together and made it official," the insider reveals.

The source explains that Kourtney feels this way "because she thinks that Sofia is really good for Scott."

"And when Scott is good," the insider reasons. "Then she knows the kids are good."

The source concludes: "and that’s all she cares about."

Kourtney is first and foremost a great mom. All else is secondary.

Kourtney Kardashian Answers

On a recent episode of Flip It Like Disick, Scott spoke candidly to the camera about his relationship with Sofia.

"I think it’s hard, anywhere, to find somebody that you can be comfortable with," Scott acknowledged.

"The truth was," he shared. "Without her, I was always looking for somebody or something."

"She’s definitely been that little piece that’s calmed me down," Scott affirmed. "And made me a better man."

"And," he admitted. "Made things, you know, easier in my life."

Scott and Sofia in Black and White

Sofia spoke about the idea of moving in with Scott.

The show is all about real estate, after all. Moving in together is not off-topic.

"I think it’d be fun to move," Sofia predicted.

She explained: "'cause then maybe I can put my touches on some things."

"I would just like some involvement," Sofia expressed.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on a Couch

Speaking of this couple, another source tells Life & Style about what a good influence Sofia would be simply on his household.

"Sofia will make sure that his house is stocked with things like toilet paper or paper towels and toothpaste," the insider shares.

Does ... Scott not already do this? He's rich and presumably has space to store extras of the things that no household shoujld ever run low on.

"She doesn’t look at it as a job," the source clarifies. "She loves taking care of him."

It's normal for one roommate to favor stocking up more than the other (me, I'm the roommate, I order months worth of toilet paper at a time).

But it's a little alarming to hear that a wealthy father of three apparently doesn't do this on his own and needs his girlfriend to do it.

Lord Help Us

“In the beginning, I think she felt pressure because [Kourtney] always has everything in order," the insider opines.

For example, the source says, Kourtney "has schedules planned weeks and days in advance."

(Okay, now I'm relating to both Sofia and Kourtney. I like to plan even simple lunches more than a week in advance)

"But now they’ve gotten into their own routine," the insider points out.

The source concludes: "and she’s a very calming influence for Scott."

Sofia on a Bed

It is of course a joy to hear that Scott is doing so well.

His children, at least, deserve him at his best.

But it's important to remember that women are their own people and do not, in fact, exist or date to "fix men."

We hate to reinforce the idea, especially considering the pressure it puts on Sofia.

What if she wants to break up with him and bang around like a normal hot twenty-something?

Is she going to feel pressured to stay with him to keep his mental and emotional health from spiraling? That's not fair.

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