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It’s been a rough few weeks for Kailyn Lowry.

Between fending off David Eason’s weird trolling attempts, and shooting down rumors that she’s dating Leah Messer, the poor gal’s barely had time to mourn her recently deceased dog.

Kailyn just got an adorable new pup for the family, but fans are already jumping down her throat about it.

Karma on the couch

On August 28, Kailyn saddened fans on social media with the news that her beloved Rottweiler Bear had died after facing serious health issues.

"I think this is by far the worst week I’ve had in a long time," Kailyn tweeted during the ordeal.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s posts included a loving tribute that showed what a central part of the family Bear had been.

Kailyn Lowry on Social Media
Photo via Instagram

But it didn’t take long for Kailyn to find love again.

Just over a week later, Kail returned to the web to debut the newest addition to her family, a Cane Corso named Karma.

Kailyn chose to introduce the pup in a tweet with a series of cute pics and the simple caption, "Meet Karma."

Kailyn Lowry New Dog Karma

It was clear Kailyn was super excited about to add Karma to the family. 

She even went all out with a fake gender reveal, including a pink dog bed, blanket and balloons.

Look, it’s not any dumber than when we do it for people.

Puppies don’t appreciate the difference between blue and pink any more or less than human babies.

The point is, Karma’s a girl, and she has a lot of pink stuff because Kailyn threw her a cute little party.

Karma and her blanket

But fans just couldn’t let Kailyn have this one nice thing.

Twitter users immediately came for the 27-year-old and her little dog too, lambasting every detail they could find a problem with.

Followers took issue with where Kailyn got the dog, when she got it, and most outrageously, even the shape of Karma’s ears!

Photo via MTV

As is plainly visible in the phots, Karma’s ears are cropped. 

The Cane Corso naturally has longer ears that flop over, but the breed often has its ears cut into a smaller, upright shape.

Many fans see this as a cruel and unnatural alteration to a non-consenting animal, and they definitely let their voices be heard.

"Please tell me you didn’t clip his ears," wrote one user, who clearly missed the gender reveal. 

"Wtf is wrong with you," they continued, "I’m done."

We recommend knowing at least a bit of what you’re talking about before declaring you’re "done" with an argument you started, but hey whatever.

Plenty of others had equally strong opinions about the practice.

Kailyn Lowry and Kids in Hawaii
Photo via Instagram

"That poor baby’s ears," observed another user in the comments thread

"SMFH. Anyone who crops their dogs ears should have it done to them," they decreed.

But some other users were in Kail’s corner this time, or at the very least were advocates of canine ear clipping.

Holding Little Lux
Photo via Instagram

"Do your research on the ear cropping of this breed," wrote one user who came to Kail’s defense.

Another commenter did just that, and even had the good sense to post their findings in the thread.

A cursory google search turns informs that for the Cane Corso specifically, cropped ears are in the best interest of the dog’s health and safety.

"Ok I was going to slam you for the ear cropping," wrote the user who looked it up.

"But researched it first, and I’ll be damned," they concluded, adding an emoji of a lady shrugging.

Take notes, Internet users. We should all aspire to be like this commenter. 

If you have an opinion, do a bit of research before you present it to the world.

Kailyn Lowry Rocks a Bikini
Photo via Instagram

Of course, other users disputed this information, and pointed out that breeders are gradually leaving behind the practice of ear cropping, even in breeds where it’s traditional.

And for the record, we can totally understand why so many are opposed to the process. 

It does change the dog’s appearance, and the animal can’t give its permission.

Just like human circumcision, there’s a hot debate as to weather it’s necessary for health and hygiene, or just mutilation for the sake of tradition.

For her part, Kailyn Lowry is used to getting called out online.

And she’s used to defending herself too

Kail wants us to know she didn’t make the call on this issue. Karma came into her life with ears already clipped.

"Either way," she wrote, "the ears were cropped before I got her, so that was out of my control."

Of course, that wasn’t enough for some fans, who pointed out that by purchasing a dog with it’s ears cropped, Kailyn is still supporting the practice.

"Beautiful dog, and I have no doubt you’ll treat it well," replied one commenter, "but buying a dog with its ears cropped should be illegal."

We’re not sure we’d go that far. If it’s truly bad for the dog, maybe the practice should be illegal.

But we’d hate to see a pup miss out on a good home just because its missing a few tiny pieces.

Kailyn Bikini Pic
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, that’s not an issue for Karma, who looks like she settling in beautifully to her new home. 

The new pooch has been a hit with Kail’s kids and even her other dog, a french bulldog named Gizmo.

And naturally, plenty of followers had a problem with that too, finding it callous that Kailyn got a new dog only a week after losing her last one.

But Kailyn’s snappy online response to the haters asserts that Karma "is an addition, not a replacement."

Other fans argued over weather or not the Cane Corso is an appropriate breed to be around young children. 

Still others blasted Kail for buying anything from a breeder when there are so many dogs that need to be rescued from shelters.

Unfortunately, pretty much every choice is the wrong one when you live under the microscope like Kailyn does.

But we’re glad that even in these rocky times, Kailyn’s family has a new source of joy in Karma.

And for Karma, we’re honestly just glad she didn’t end up as Janelle Evans’ new family pet.