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In early August, we knew that Matt Brown planned to return to Alaskan Bush People. But that was far from official.

The truth of the matter is that he had burned some bridges with his family.

Now, however, Matt has not only proven himself with his folks, he’s signed the paperwork — which is good news for fans in more ways than one.

Matt Brown Photo
Photo via Discovery

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown spent months estranged from his family — especially from his father, Billy Brown.

See, Matt’s struggles with alcoholism landed him in rehab about a year ago.

After that, he had the support of his family to remain sober, but ended up having some stumbles along the way — as many addicts do.

Unfortunately, along the way, he had a major falling out with his dad and ended up storming off to SoCal.

There, he reportedly hung out with a girlfriend and, though he retained contact with some family (including Ami), essentially ghosted the new homestead.

Billy Brown and Matt Brown in Season 8
Photo via Discovery Channel

That, folks, is why Matt was a no-show in Season 10.

But there is good news.

As we reported, Matt headed up to Washington early last month to spend a week hanging out with his folks.

While there, he had a nice long talk with his dad and the two of them mended fences.

He was even invited back to the show.

Matt Brown at the Beach
Photo via Instagram

You could view this good news through a cynical lens and say that Matt just wanted that sweet reality TV paycheck.

Regardless, he’s back with his family and soon will be back on camera.

At the time, however, there was no official announcement.

However, SoapDirt has now revealed that Matt has taken the next step.

Apparently he has now signed the paperwork to appear on the show again for Season 11.

Matt Brown on TV
Photo via Discovery

Now, here is the twist — and a fun surprise for fans.

Discovery hasn’t actually announced that the show has been renewed for Season 11 yet.

Fans get nervous when a show is in limbo.

Sometimes they’re just waiting to announce, but other times it’s a way of preparing audiences for cancelation news.

But you don’t generally sign paperwork for a season of a show that the network knows isn’t happening.

Which means that Alaskan Bush People is very probably renewed for Season 11.

Matt Brown Sees the Ocean
Photo via Instagram

Contrary to some past seasons, Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People was actually in doubt for some fans.

While some seasons of the hit reality series have had extraordinary ratings, Season 9 slipped among viewers.

That, however, was when the show’s timeslot was moved.

For Season 10, the timeslot has been restored and viewership has improved appropriately.

Even so, it’s a relief to hear that there are actual contracts for Season 11 being signed and filed.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo
Photo via Discovery Channel

We don’t yet have a premiere date (or an episode count, which is nearly as important) for Season 11.

But the mere knowledge that it will exist should be enough to put wind in the sales of longtime fans for months to come.

Congratulations to Matt for making peace with his folks (and for getting back on the reality paycheck train).

When we know more about Season 11, you’ll know more.