Joy-Anna Duggar Accused of Animal Abuse Following Latest Instagram Post

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Another day, another Duggar Instagram controversy.

At this point, of course, mom-shaming the Duggars is one of the internet's favorite pastimes, and most of Jim Bob and Michelle's daughters are accustomed to it.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth, and Baby Gideon on Thanksgiving 2018

But up until this week, Joy-Anna Duggar had mostly managed to avoid the slings and arrows of the outrage mob.

And now, she's the latest to learn a hard lesson about social media -- if your last name is Duggar, even the most innocuous content can stir up serious controversy.

The mother of one posted a photo of son Gideon playing with a friend's dog recently -- and some fans were not happy with what they saw.

“‘Hey there, Pudge... I love you, Pudge!” 

Gideon and Dog

“I guess Pudge isn’t a fan of hugs.”

In case Joy's attempt at frivolity wasn't clear enough, she added the hashtags, "#helovesanimals #GideonMartynForsyth".

Repetitive caption aside, the whole thing seems pretty harmless, right?

Well, that's not the opinion of many of the followers who comments on Joy's post.

An Abundance of Hair

Unlike other instances in which Duggar critics really had to dig deep for something to complain about -- see the time Jill got slammed for "making" her kids walk to Chick-Fil-A -- the gripe here is a fairly obvious one.

Gideon is only a year old, and getting that close to an animal's face can be very dangerous.

Perhaps Pudge is the most even-tempered pooch on the planet, and Joy knew her little boy would be safe in such close proximity to his chompers.

But the stakes in a situation like this are incredibly high.

Joy from Joy-Anna

Obviously, Gideon could be badly injured here, and even if he sustained only a minor scratch, poor Pudge could be put down, simply because he acted out of instinct.

“It’s not funny to make your dog this uncomfortable,” one person commented.

“This is how kids get bitten and then the dog gets blamed…The dog is uncomfortable.”

Like we said, perhaps Pudge has been in this type of situation before and has never had any issue interacting with children.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Expecting Baby #2

But in posting something like this on the internet, Joy and husband Austin Forsyth (they share a joint account) had to know they were likely to attract criticism.

Maybe they're not worried about what a bunch of internet strangers had to say.

Or maybe they decided it's time to start participating in the family tradition of being publicly scolded for their parenting decisions.

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