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Last month, Jinger Duggar shared a baby pic that raised some genuine fan concerns about sweet little Felicity Vuolo’s health.

Now, she’s shared a new photo, and followers are expressing new worries — this time, about something that Jinger and Jeremy are doing to Felicity.

Jinger doesn’t want to hear it, though, and has retaliated by turning off Instagram comments.

Felicity Vuolo Smiles Adorably
Photo via Instagram

Everybody loves Felicity. She’s precious and, unlike many of the Duggars, she’s totally unproblematic. Because she’s a baby.

But in recent photos, as you’re about to see, Felicity is wearing a pair of little mittens that are just the size for her tiny baby hands.

Why is she wearing mittens in September?

Well, the American Society of Pediatrics mentions that mittens are a soft way to keep a baby from scratching her own face with her incredibly sharp fingernails.

But to hear some of Jinger’s followers say it, Jinger is doing more harm than good.

Felicity Vuolo Sleeps in Mittens
Photo via Instagram

The comments may no longer be visible on Instagram, but they really did accumulate in a short time before Jinger deactivated them.

"Those mitts are so stupid," insists one follower. "They need to self soothe and they can’t with those mitts."

That follower continued, demanding that Jinger "get them off. They aren’t going to take their eyes out."

Another wrote that Jinger’s fine motor skills might become impaired by the occassional wearing of protective mittens.

"Free the hands!" that follower writes. "Better for her development."

Jinger and Jeremy and Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Other followers, however, could not roll their eyes hard enough at the claim that these mittens were detrimental for baby Felicity.

"For goodness sakes," exclaims one follower at the discourse.

"If she wants to put gloves on her hands, it’s entirely her choice," writes the defender. "Geez."

"Support one another’s decisions," insists another. "Gloves or no gloves, it’s a personal choice."

Jill Duggar has also made it clear that she is totally in support of Felicity’s mittens.

Jinger's Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Those comments all went the way of the dodo when Jinger wiped the slate clean on Instagram.

Some followers took to other recent photos that Jinger has shared to share their thoughts.

"Shame on all the haters…." writes one such commenter. "How do the think they would react being under a microscope 24/7…."

(This commenter is almost certainly of an older generation, as there is anecdotal evidence that they experience elipses on the internet differently than Millennials and Gen Z do)

"Women support women…" the commenter continues. "Lift them up not tear each other down…."

Jeremy Vuolo and Baby Felicity Vuolo
Photo via Instagram

Admittedly, those defenders may miss the point. The point isn’t to blindly support all parenting choices, but to support choices that are safe and not harmful.

Mittens appear to be safe and non-harmful. Mittens still allow for fingers to be wiggled, and in any case, it doesn’t look like Felicity is wearing them at all times.

There are some truly terrible parents in the Duggar family — starting with Jim Bob and Michelle. And most people wouldn’t let Josh Duggar arounda  baby doll, let alone a real baby.

Perhaps mom-shamers should save their ire for a more deserving target?