Joe Giudice to Feds: I Give Up! Go Ahead and Deport Me!

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It looks like Joe Giudice is all out of juice.

As you're probably aware, Giudice has been fighting deportation to his native Italy for several months now.

Joe Giudice on the Phone

But it seems that after his latest appeal was rejected, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star is slowly coming to terms with the fact that his days in America may be numbered.

According to a new report from Radar Online, a frustrated Giudice has essentially issued an ultimatum to the federal government:

Either release me to my family, or hurry up and deport me.

Currently, Giudice is being held in an ICE detention center, where he has resided since completing his prison sentence for tax fraud back in March.

Joe & Teresa Giudice Image

Joe has reportedly complained to loved ones that conditions in the ICE facility are worse than in the federal prison where he was served his time.

And it seems he'll do anything to be a free man again, even if that means taking an unwanted trip overseas.

A source tells Radar that Joe has accepted the fact that he'll almost certainly be deported.

He has asked officials to allow him to return home and spend his remaining days in America with his wife and daughters.

Teresa Touches Joe

If they refuse to do so, he has requested that he be deported immediately, rather than spend additional time in the detention center.

“It’s been horrible, and he doesn’t want to rot away there any longer," says the insider.

"The moment he is denied, he said he will pull his appeal and get ready to go to Italy.”

A recently-released fellow detainee told Radar that the facility is “like in a dungeon" with cramped, filthy cells and subhuman living conditions.

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

If Joe's request is granted, and he's permitted to await deportation with his family, it could be the last time he sees them for a very long time.

Teresa Giudice has already indicated that she plans to divorce Joe if he gets deported, and it seems she's already enjoying life as a single mom.

Teresa is rumored to be dating Blake Schreck, a 26-year-old businessman whom she met during Joe's time in prison.

Though he doesn't speak the language and hasn't been to Italy since he was a child, we can see how life in America might be growing more unappealing to Joe by the day.

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