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It is officially time to say ciao to Joe Giudice.

The disgraced former Real Housewives of New Jersey star was informed this month that his deportation appeal was denied, paving the way for Giudice to be sent back to his native Italy.

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

It has taken several days for the news to leak online, but this is what source close to the situation just told E! News:

"The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled against Joe in an April 6 decision."

This same insider explains that Joe had to learn about the board’s decision by mail because the process is "done entirely by mail."

Giudice, of course, pleaded guilty to his role in a bankruptcy scheme back in 2016. He was then sentenced to serve 44 months in jail, but was able to postpone this stint under after his guilty wife completed her time behind bars.

Then, last fall, a judge determined that Giudice would be deported because he broke federal law as a non-U.S. citizen.

Teresa Touches Joe

The father of four’s legal team filed an appeal, which is what a court just shot down.

However, on Wednesday, this same legal team filed a petition for the federal court to review of the appeals decisions.

This really is the final chance for Joe to avoid deportation — and it appears to be a long shot.

"We are extremely disappointed that the Board of Immigration Appeals has denied Mr. Giudice’s appeal," the family’s attorney James J. Leonard Jr. says.

"We have filed a stay with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and will continue to fight to keep Mr. Giudice in the United States, the only country he knows, and reunite him with his wife and four daughters."

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

It’s true that Joe has four daughters and we legitimately feel terrible for them that their dad is about to be forced out of the country.

On the other hand, perhaps they will be better off with just one criminal raising them at home, as opposed to two.

As for Teresa? She will follow her dear husband wherever she goes and is committed to the man she loves and the life they have built together.

Just kidding. She’s already said the marriage is over once Joe is outta here.

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Appearing opposite Andy Cohen last month when the topic was broached, Teresa sounded very casual and cool with the impending divorce,

"It’s like starting a whole new life," she said of moving to Italy with Joe, adding:

"And [her daughters have] been through so much already. So, I mean, I’m not doing a long-distance relationship. I’m just not doing it. I want somebody with me every day.

"I know exactly what happens, I’m sure he’ll be with other women. It happens. We do the long-distance thing? It’s not going to work. I’ll be like, ‘bye bye.’"

Heck, there’s been chatter that Teresa is already dating someone new and planning her very own Bravo spinoff.

Shocking, right?

By which we mean… not shocking at all.