Jenelle Evans to Farrah Abraham: Shut Up, You Prostitute!

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This cliche rings especially true at the moment for Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham, neither of whom is a member of the Teen Mom franchise any longer...

... yet both of whom are slinging insults back and forth as if MTV cameras are rolling right along for a new season.

The crux of the latest beef?

Abraham remarking on Jenelle's ongoing custody and parenting struggles... and Jenelle firing back in regard to the way in which Farrah now earns a paycheck.

Scroll down to see how personal things have turned once again between one ex-reality star who was fired for making porn and another who was fired for  being an awful mother:

1. Jenelle Just Got Her Kids Back

Jenelle Just Got Her Kids Back
As you likely know by now, Evans and her violent husband, David Eason, lost custody of little Ensley and Kaiser (pictured above) after the latter shot the family dog and authorities determined they were unfit parents.

2. Hooray for Me!

Hooray for Me!
Evans has been celebrating this court decision for about a week now, sharing numerous photos of herself and her children online.

3. Jenelle's Statement:

Jenelle's Statement:
“I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!” Evans said in a statement on July 3, adding in broken English: Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I’m a good parent."

4. Still, The Debate Rages On

Still, The Debate Rages On
Does Evans really deserve her children? Kaiser's dad Nathan Griffith, continues to fight for custody and many observers are debating whether or not Jenelle is a responsible mother.

5. Farrah Abraham Has Some Thoughts on This

Farrah Abraham Has Some Thoughts on This
Shocking, right?

6. The Wrong Decision

The Wrong Decision
“I really feel like Jenelle has chosen a bad relationship over her kids, and I feel really awful for her kids for that," Farrah told TMZ on Thursday, July 10.

7. Those Poor Kids

Those Poor Kids
"I do wish Jenelle all the best, but again, she’s making all the wrong choices. She shouldn't stand with a man who shoots dogs," Abraham said in this same interview.


"A woman of value would not stay with a man who’s like that," Farrah concluded at this time, figuratively dropping her microphone.

9. BOOM!

Abraham then spoke to TMZ again on the night of July 10 and said in no uncertain terms: "For her to choose a horrible man over her kids, she's a failure as a mom."

10. Should Jenelle Have Her Kids Back?

Should Jenelle Have Her Kids Back?
"No," Jenelle replied when asked this question. "I don't think any woman who chooses a man and abuse over her kids is in the right state of mind."

11. A Jab at MTV

A Jab at MTV
"If that's what MTV wants, good for them," Farrah said about Jenelle (who has since been fired) and Amber Portwood, who was just arrested for felony assault and is still employed by the network.

12. Take It Away, Jenelle!

Take It Away, Jenelle!
Evans fired right back at Farrah Tweeting: "I think you should stop prostituting your body for companies to make money ever since you've been off the show. I knew about this waaaay before it was ever reported. I know EVERY company you've sold your body for... funny some of them do the same deals for me."

13. And Then Evans Added:

And Then Evans Added:
"You have no idea about my life and should stick to staying out of my business if you don't want me commenting."

14. Farrah WAS Fired by MTV

Farrah WAS Fired by MTV
And she was fired for taking her clothes off too often in front of the camera for amateur adult entertaiment sites and properties.

15. Why is Jenelle Engaging with Her, Though?

Why is Jenelle Engaging with Her, Though?
One would think Evans should just lie low for a bit and just spend quiet time with her kids.

16. But Evans Can't Help Herself

But Evans Can't Help Herself
She taunted Amber with this Tweet after Portwood got arrest for assault on July 5.

17. And Then She Hurled Shade at Nathan Griffith

And Then She Hurled Shade at Nathan Griffith
Why? Like we said, she just can't help herself.

18. She's Also Defending Herself These Days

She's Also Defending Herself These Days
Jenelle has been accused of making up the story of Eason killing their family dog, but told our website that her husband really did commit the heinous act, concluding: "You would have to ask David what happened. I was not outside. No more details I want to share, just want to move on with my life. This was an incident that should have never went public to begin with."

19. Amen, Jenelle

Amen, Jenelle
That's right idea. Stop making things public in general. Just shut up and go be with your kids.

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