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It was the end of the line for not just one couple on Bachelor in Paradise Tuesday night.

Or even just two couples.

But a trio of tandems ended up calling it quits on the latest episode, with the Season 6 finale looming and, with it, all that pressure of Fantasy Suites, engagement and more.


To open this recap, we’ll focus on Demi Burnett and her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, who clearly have real feelings for each other.

However, as documented the evening before, Demi was struggling to embrace her sexuality for the first time in front of so many people after having only just come out a short while back.

“I want to be engaged, I want to marry her,” she said of Kristian, adding by way of concern:

“But there is a part of me that’s terrified of what people are thinking whenever they see me and her kiss. I can’t get rid of that.”

While this exact feeling was unique to Demi, she wasn’t the only contestant on Tuesday unsure about her romantic future.

Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar, along with Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton, were also on fairly shaky ground.

Yes, Nicole and Clay had been steadily progressing for week — but she ensed him holding back from a true committment.

As a result, these two headed out on a date last night… where she decided to tell Clay she was falling for him, hoping for the same response. Alas:

“You are my best friend in the beach,” he told her.

“I just want to see you and spend so much time with you, I do. And I do think I’m starting to fall in love with you, I am. I just can’t say right now that I’m in love.”

Chris and Katie could relate. They were also struggling to get on the same page, too.

“I’m just so in my head right now,” he confessed, continuing as follows:

“I can’t even explain it, because I feel like what me and Katie have is great. I know I have something amazing, but I’m still second-guessing that amazingness with an amazing person.”

Then there was Connor Saeli, who had a VERY different issue.

He had just gotten rejected by Caelynn Miller-Keyes (who left the show with Dean Unglert) and he wasn’t clicking romantically with newcomer and fellow singleton Revian Chang.

The only person on his mind was Whitney Fransway, with whom he hit it off with at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding — but she had yet to arrive on the beach.

Slight problem, right?

“I thought Whitney might come down the stairs, but if she doesn’t come, I’ll probably just leave,” Connor said. “I’m not here to give out a friendship rose, I genuinely came here to find someone to find love, and if that’s not happening, I don’t want to be here.”

But… wait!

Almost as though it were scripted, Whitney later showed up with a date card at Connor’s hotel door, much to his extreme delight!

“All I wanted was for you to come down and go on a date,” he said, smiling from ear to ear. “So this is the best.”

Back at the bungalows:

The couples got ready to head into that night’s cocktail party, only to find out that Chris Harrison had canceled it.

What the what?!?

They therefore went straight to the rose ceremony instead, as the suspense built and Harrison made sure to remind them how important these roses were.

Why? Because, at this point, they were designed to represent commitment and a future together.

Here is how it all shook out:

  • Luke Stone offered his rose to Bri Barnes, but she declined and he was sent packing.
  • Matt Donald  then also offered his rose to Bri… and this time she accepted.
  • Dylan chose Hannah.
  • John Paul Jones chose Tayshia Adams.
  • Chase McNary chose Angela Amezcua.
  • Clay chose Nicole.
  • Demi went with Kristian, of course.
  • And Chris picked Katie… which meant Revian, Sydney Lotuaco and Haley Ferguson were going home.

The next day, Harrison returned to announce that Bachelor in Paradise as they knew it was over.

“Last night was your last rose ceremony,” he said. “What is next? Romantic overnight dates, Fantasy Suites, spending the night together and taking that night step as a couple."

Harrison continued:

"Today, each couple is going to go have that conversation.

"And I need you to be brutally honest with yourselves and each other and think, ‘Are we ready to take that step together as a couple?’ If you’re not, it’s time to check out of Paradise and head back home."

The message was heard loudly and clearly… as couples started dropping like flies, beginning with Bri and Matt, then Chase and Angela.

Next up, Jones told Tayshia that he was in love with her — yet she just wasn’t there yet. Both devastated and in tears, they peaced out separately.

Hannah and Dylan, however, couldn’t wait to take this next step together, while Clay and Nicole also decided to give romance (and sex!) a shot.

After a heart-to-heart conversation, Demi and Kristian agreed to keep exploring their relationship, as well.

As for Chris and Katie?

“I feel like I’m so unsure,” he told her. “I don’t know, I feel like I push people away that I like, that I feel comfortable with.”

“At the end of the day, whether it’s me or it’s not me, you need to figure out who makes you happy,” she replied. “I don’t know if it’s you for the rest of my life, but do I like you? Yes. Do you make me happy? Yes.”

The sweetness wasn’t over, either.

“For you to even still be sitting here is a testament to the person you are, and that’s what I’m looking for,” Chris said. “I want to give this a shot, I can’t sit here and say I don’t.”

Katie was psyched to hear it all.

“If this is Chris Bukowski’s last time ever on the show and we end up together, then that makes me the exception to the rule,” she said. “He came out of retirement — and found me.”

The season finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs next Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.