Colt Johnson: Already Ring-Shopping for New Girlfriend?!

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Last month, fans saw that Colt Johnson and his girlfriend seemed to be talking about marriage -- or, at least, open to discussing it.

Now, things are looking much more serious than just a discussion.

Colt is in the market to buy a ring, and he's not even being subtle about it.

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline: Still Together in September

Colt Johnson adn Jess Caroline haven't made things Instagram Official just yet.

But they've both made it very clear that they're happily dating -- months into a relationship that no one thought would last past the first date.

Jess' Instagram is private and she even showed some semi-public display of affection recently.

(We have that photo for you below)

And Colt? Well, he leaves brazen comments on her (private) Instagram, making no effort to hide their relationship.

Oh, and he's looking to put a ring on it.

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline

"Looking for someone that makes jewelry," Colt recently wrote in his Instagrami Stories.

He continued, imploring any followers with a recommendation to "DM me please."

Alongside his request, Coltee included sketches -- concept art -- for a ring.

It's not just that he wants to buy a ring.

He very clearly wants his followers in a tizzy over whether he's about to propose to Jess. And he's getting his wish.

Colt Johnson Goes on a Date

We hope that this ring, should Colt get it made and give ti to Jess, will meet a better fate than the ring Colt gave to Larissa when they married.

His relationship with The Queen was volatile and deeply toxic for both parties.

During a moment of emotional distress after a fight, Larissa actually flushed her ring.

She later exposed the ring's price, feeling slighted that (the notoriously cheap) Coltee had bought the ring on Etsy for a modest price.

It looks like Colt is once again choosing a "unique" ring instead of a pricier option. Maybe Jess will appreciate it more.

Jess Caroline and Colt Johnson: Anonymous PDA

As we mentioned, Jess shared this image -- of Colt's hand on her thigh -- on her private Instagram.

"To love is to go hand in hand through this strange and magical maze that is life," Jess reflected in her captions.

She continued to approximately quote an existing poem: "It is not to lose sight of the other, but to let him breathe when needed."

"It is facing the fear of the abyss, of truth, of doubt, of certainty," Jess wrote.

She added: "It is embracing tight to cure pain, sadness, failure."

"It is giving a silly and innocent smile in the middle of the day," Jess concluded. "Simply by knowing that the other exists"

Colt Johnson Mother's Day Tribute to Debbie Johnson, 2019

A number of fans have expressed surprise that Colt's other half, his mother, Debbie, seems to be okay with this relationship.

We guess that not having Colt's new lady love move in the day they meet probably helps her get adjusted to the idea.

And she may be supporting Colt's romance with Jess because, at this point, she'll root for anyone who isn't Larissa Lima.

Will Colt's eventual marriage to Jess be the milestone that ultimately severs his metaphorical umbilical cord for good?

Only time will tell. For now, he still hasn't popped the question.

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